The history of the 16th pick

Hi people, how you doing? Many of you who visit this site frequently will realize that i rarely (ok never) ever do a fanpost that took more then 5 minutes of my time. So, you may ask, why am i choosing to do one now? Well:

1. I just finished a 40 page story that i had to do for school in 4 days. I now feel i can do anything short of stopping a nuclear missile in mid flight.

2. I'm bored as hell.

So, for jet fans, you should know by now that we have the 16th pick of this draft, i mean as of now (we know that Tanny likes to trade up). So what exactly is the point of his post? I was curious to see who were the previous #16's throughout history. 16's a weird number, isn't it? it's smack in the middle of the first round, it's nothing special really; it means that you were too good to get a top 10 pick and too suckish to make the playoffs. The players themselves picked at this number aren't really hall of famers; since 1968 there has been only one hall of famer to be picked at #16, the immortal Jerry Rice. Even #15 seems a world away; J.J Watt, Jason Pierre Paul, Brian Cushing, Brandon Albert, Lawrence Timmons and Dereck Johnson have been the #15 pick in there respected drafts, and that's all in the last 7 years. The #16 pick has included such luminaries as Larry English, Derrick Morgan, Travis Johnson and Justin Harrell. Now those guys aren't terrible players (except Harrell, he's not even playing anymore, he played one game in '10 and didn't play at all last year.) put they haven't exactly put up the production you expect from first round pick,let alone the production form a Pierre Paul, Cushing and Timmons. Now, the players above doesn't represent the pick as a whole; there have been some very good players who have been picked #16.

So, I'm going to give you a layout of all there is too know about the 16th pick of the NFL Draft. Follow, if you want, after the jump.

Seriously, i don' know why it's called the jump, but hey you made it down. Here are some quick facts about the 16th pick

  • The 16th pick in the NFL draft is after the 15th and is before the 17th. It can change, however. I have heard from certain sources that the 15th pick will be changed to the Tebow pick. So, the 16th might be after Tebow in the future.
  • This is the 3rd time since 1968 that the Jets have picked at #16. The other 2 were Santana Moss (2001) and Hugh Douglas (1995) who was the defensive rookie of the year in 1995 a 3 time pro bowler and a 2 time all-pro who had 80 career sacks in 10 years as a DE. Not bad, 4 all-pro's between them. Hopefully this is a good sign for this year, especially the sacks part. I can't imagine anyone currently on the Jets having 80 sacks in 10 years well, maybe if we get some weight on maybin). Funny, wr and olb are 2 positions we are most likely going to take with this pick. I'm sure we would be more then happy if this pick has a career as good as these 2.
  • 4 teams that had the #16th pick went to the super bowl that same year: The Arizona Cardinals (2008), Philadelphia Eagles (2004), Tennessee Titans (1999) and the Buffalo Bills (1990). The picks? Arizona picked Dominique Rodgers Cromartie, Cro's talented and less fruitful half-brother, The Eagles picked Shawn Andrews, a 3 time pro bowler. The Titans picked Jevon Kearse, dubbed the freak by just about everybody, who had 74 carer sacks along with 3 pro-bowls, and James Williams, who somehow kicked off a streak of 4 consecutive super bowl loses. James was a member of the Bills for 4 years, before leaving to Arizona. The Bills have not been to a Super Bowl since, in other words, the bills have only went to Super Bowls when James Williams was a member of there roster. So i ask all of you reading this to make sure that Mr. Williams never gets close to that roster again, ever.
  • 11 times a team with the 16th pick in the draft made the playoffs. Now, 4 of these teams traded for the pick even though they made the playoffs before, but they still had to make the playoff again, right?
  • Since 1985, 8 players drafted #16 made a pro bowl. They are: Cromartie, Andrews, Troy Polamalu, Moss, Julian Peterson, Kearse, Chester McGlockton and Rice.
  • In 1971, the chiefs drafted Elmo Wright, a wide receiver with the 16th pick. He is currently the only player to be drafted in the first named Elmo. It is likely that it will stay that way. On a related note, Elmo does seem to like the Jets.
  • No team since the merger in 1968 has won a Super Bowl after picking 16th. There's always a first time

Now, we mentioned soe of the best players to be picked 16th, but now lets talk about the most interesting players to be drafted 16th. Here they are, descending by the yer they were drafted.

Kevin Dyson (1998)

Kevin Dyson was in 2 of the most famous plays in NFL history. The music city miracle and the tackle. Sadly, it seems he's more remembered for the later.

At least he made it into a commercial.

Reidel Anthony (1997)

Anthony only registered 144 catches in his 5 year career. His career was pretty forgetful if not for the fact that he is the answer to this trivia question:

Who is the youngest player in NFL history to record a touchdown catch?

The answer is, wait for it, at 20 years and 315 days, Reidel Anthony!!

He also went to the Florida, and currently works AT ESPN at the Gator blog "Gator Country". Some of this sites new members might be familiar with him...

Duane Clemons (1996)

Besides having the honor to be named Duane, Duane, who played 10 years, pitched for some guy named dr.berg. And disc force. If doctor berg was free, i might consider him...

Hugh Douglas (1995)

Forget about his career, Tebow made him go to church. Not only that, but he started praising him. He also can't sing. He can kind of dance, i guess.

Aaron Taylor (1994)

He's doing inspirational speaking now. He's not that bad.

Sean Dawkins (1993)

Well, i went to google, and they had pictures of him. One is not like the other.

Dan McGwire (1991)

2 things. McGwire share the title of the tallest qb ever when Brock Osweiler gets drafted. He is also Mark McGwire's brother. Yes, that Mark McGwire.

Eric Kumerow (1988)

He was a bust, only playing 3 years, but don't tell hm that; his grandfather was mafia boss.

John Bosa (1987)

There was nothing remotely interesting about John Bosa. But then i found this post. The Dolphins make me cry too...of laughter.

So, i hope i satisfied anything you wanted to know about the 16th pick and the players who were picked. The Jets will probably (at least, for now) pick someone at #16. Hopefully he will be added to the number of pro bowlers with former jets Moss and Douglas. Maybe he'll be a hall of famer. Or maybe he'll be a bust. Well, if he's going to be a bust, at least let him be interesting.

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