Who Will Draft Robert Griffin III?

Few quarterbacks have displayed the incredible array of talents that Baylor QB Robert Griffin the Third has coming into the draft. It Andrew Luck weren't the Colts undisputed Number One pick that he is, Griffin might have a great shot at the 1st overall pick. The St Louis Rams have already announced that they are willing to trade the #2 overall pick to the highest bidder, so it's pretty easy to imagine Griffin getting drafted there.

Why is it so important that we, as Jets with (maybe) a QB, ask these question you ask? Because depending on the number of teams looking to sign him is at least a 30% chance that the Jets will play against him one or more times this season.

Now, the contenders, also given a grade based on my personal belief as to how strong a contender they are to get the spot:

Cleveland Browns, A: On paper the Browns look like the perfect place for Griffin - they have not one, but two coaches in the building with experience coaching mobile gunslingers (Holmgren and Childress), a strong need for a franchise QB in a division that already has 3 established starters at QB, and a roster that actually has enough talent to win more than a handful of games. If not for their statement that they are unwilling to trade their 2nd first-round pick to move up to spots, I'd say they were guaranteed to draft him.

Washington Redskins, A-: The Redskins have been looking for a legitimate franchise QB since Mark Rypien won the Superbowl 26. In that period of time, the 'Skins have had more players start at QB than any other Franchise. They want a QB and they want one yesterday. They would also like that player to be the QB that Jason Campbell wasn't and Rex Grossman/John Beck can never be. They have the 6th pick and a lot of players and cash that they can leverage to the Rams if they work hard enough.

Miami Dolphins, B: The end of the world as we know it (maybe). Miami has the 8th pick, a hugely talented team and a rookie head coach with experience getting the best out of QBs. In all honesty, if Griffin were drafted by the Dolphins he would have immediate success. The main thing holding the Dolphins back from taking Griffin might be the fact that they are considered frontrunners to sign Green Bay's Matt Flynn in the draft (a rather successful project Joe Philbin). Whether or not the Dolphins actually get Flynn may dictate whether or not they empty the vault to get Griffin.

Seattle Seahawks/Arizona Cardinals, C-: As much as these teams both need a Franchise QB, it probably won't matter since there is almost no chance that the Rams would trade their draft pick to a Division Rival. If I'm wrong about that assumption, then blame it on the fact that the two teams have almost nothing that they can offer the Rams besides some future draft picks and some experienced players on offense.

St. Louis Rams, D-: They have their Franchise QB, and to waste the 2nd pick on a QB when they have so many more pressing needs would be crazy (then again, this is the Rams, and desperate times sometimes call for desperate measures). Even retaining the 2nd pick would be pointless since they can easily get far more value by just dropping down a little bit and still getting good rookie players.

New York Jets, F+: No. And in case you're wondering, I'm only putting us on the list because this is a Jets blog after all, and we've seen some pretty crazy moves on draft day in the last few years. Still, no. Barring something unforseen happening to Sanchez in the next 7 weeks or so, whether it's an accident or he just gets up and decides to join MLS, he's the Jets QB. (Live with it.)

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