Our safety problems, solved. The road to the perfect secondary.

Hey guys. After David's latest post about the Falcon's safety Thomas Decloud, I started thinking about the ideal secondary. The strong safety would be a hard hitting, run stuffing, hardass. He could also cover pretty well. The free safety would be a roaming, ball-hawking, play-making, er, play-maker (for lack of a better term)

We'd also need two lock down corners, one able to cover any number one receiver and take him out of the game, with the other one able to cover a second receiver just as well.

We already have two of the pieces. Darrelle Revis. Antonio Cromartie. We just need two more.

Take a jump for my plan for the best secondary in the game.

In this post, i plan not to just illustrate my plan to have the perfect secondary, but also intend to stimulate a discussion. A discussion on what YOU guys think we need to do to create a perfect secondary, or even a perfect defense.

We just need two players. Two safeties. A hard hitter capable of punishing blitzes, also with the ability to stuff runs. We'd additionally need a ball-hawking safety who could pick off errantly thrown passes, and cover athletic tight ends.

First of all, what we already have. We have Jim Leonard. A small, 5 foot 9 inch white guy. We also have Eric Smith, certified failure at covering tight ends. My plan involves cutting Smith. Cause we don't need him. We'll also get rid of Leonard, who's injury-prone and getting older.

We'll need to make a run at Thomas Decloud, who's easily one of the better cover safeties in the league. Sure, he may not be good in run support, but we'll get to that. Thomas Decloud will be that ball-hawking, play-making playmaker (yea, i know that's redundant) that we need. He'll cover the likes of Gronkowski, and stop us from getting slaughtered over the middle.

We'll also draft a guy. Not just any guy, Winston GUY. He's a hard hitting, run stuffing safety. He'll be our hard hitting hardass. We'll use him on blitzes and for run support. Look into him, i think you'll like what you see. Not too many people are talking about him.

Our secondary will look like this:

Our two cornerbacks: Revis, Cromarti.

Safeties: Decloud, Guy.

Decloud will be in charge of covering tight ends, ala Gronkowski. Winston Guy will be our run supporting, blitzing badass.

If we draft, say, Perry with our first rounder and Curry or Irvin with our second, we have our two pass rushers. That right there will improve our defense to a top 3, in my opinion. Then if we follow my plan for our safeties, our secondary will be the best in the league. Hands down. If we keep Pouha, we'll still have a great run defense. Hell, We'll still have a pretty good one even without Pouha. With this defense, we could shut down any offense in the league. We'd be straight up DOMINANT. As long as our offense gets it's act together and we sign Jeremy Lin at wide receiver, I sincerely think we'd be a top 5 team.

What do YOU guys think?

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