Manuvsteal's Draft Sleepers Part V Greg Childs WR Arkansas

That's Joe Haden in the picture getting stiffarmed as Childs outruns him to the endzone. Haden was the Browns #5 pick in the 1st round of the 2010 draft. Anyway, I'll give you the measurables. Everybody loves those. Greg is a legitimate 6'3 220 wide receiver. At Arkansas pro day he ran a 4.40 and a 4.39. He has a 40 1/2" vertical. He is not a speed demon, he plays like a power receiver. He reminds me a lot of Brandon Marshall (formerly of the Broncos and Dolphins, currently Bears). I've looked on several different scouting sites, has him rated as high as 10,, and draft countdown as low as 33rd best wide receiver in the draft.

For those of you overvaluing players like Stephen Hill, Mohamed Sanu, or Tommy Streeter, just take a look at a beast, a power receiver, a red zone target, and an outstanding blocker roled into 1 man. Greg Childs.

He is like a man amongst boys playing in college. Like a lot of players his draft stock has been severely devalued because of an injury he suffered, but has fully recovered from. Scouts, draft sites, and people that only remember last weeks top performers have treated him like yesterdays news. Here's the truth. He averaged 15 yards a catch in 2008, 18 yards a catch in 2009, 16 yards a catch in 2010, and then he tore his pateller tendon. That is a devastating injury. Worse than an ACL, MCL, or PCL. It has a 2 year recovery window, unlike the usual year or so for other knee injuries. Childs still worked his way back from it between 2010 and 2011 and played a little bit last year.He caught 16 balls for 192 yards as he was basically playing on 1 leg.

Well he's all the way back now. He just ran back to back 4.4 40 times. He had a 40" vertical which is exciting because when a 6'3 guy with hands can jump 40" he has the ability to win jump balls in the red zone. Without further ado, I'll give you what you get if you draft the 6'3 220 pound monster known as Greg Childs.

If you see what I do, you will see he is a maximum effort player. He blocks corners out of the play while the running back is 10-15 yards down the field routinely. He manhandles them. He gets a ton of cushion because of his 4.39 speed. When in space, he doesn't run around players, he stiff arms, or runs over defensive backs. The stiff arm is the top corner back selected in the 2010 draft pictured above. Corners have to play off of him to respect his speed, they basically give up the short pass just so they don't look silly on deeper passes.

He is great with slant routes and short comeback routes. He plucks the ball out of the air in a couple of plays, showing outstanding hands. At Arkansas pro day all 32 NFL teams were on hand. To my knowledge there were only 3 or 4 schools in the country that could say they had every team watching them. Don't sleep on this guy, he is a big reason why every team showed up. From what I've read he blew the pro day up. His route running and position drills were said to be the best among wide receivers.

Alot of people, myself included have bought into the hype of certain players. Malcomb Floyd has a 1st round grade because he's a big receiver, has speed, and he's "polished". However, when you look at it he had 100 receptions and 1,100 yards. His yards per reception is barely 11 YPC. That to me spells possession guy, and in the NFL, those numbers aren't likely to inflate, but get worse. Who really wants a starter that averages 9 yards a catch?

Stephen Hill ran a 4.3 and he's suddenly the 3rd or 4th best receiver in the draft because he represents the unknown. The "potential" label is used on him, so we over value him. He might be good, but he might not. I'm not doing that anymore. I don't know if Greg Childs is the 10th best receiver in the draft or the 33rd best, but I know his value is great for the Jets.

He's a big target, he has great hands, he has great speed, and he blocks his ass off. I see the physicality of Brandon Marshall and a playmaking ability of Braylon Edwards. The only Jets receiver that I think could match him in production would be Holmes. No other receiver could bring more to the table on this roster as it stands currently. His blocking alone could unseat whoever the #2 receiver is. His speed means the corners can't play close, and they can't jam or bump him because he's too big. Teams could look at him anywhere from early 3rd round to the 7th round. If I were the Jets I would draft him in the 3rd just because I wouldn't want to miss out on a talent like him as the #2 receiver to Holmes for years to come.

That was the analysis. These are the highlights:

If you like this player, here are several reviews of him:

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