Tim Tebow Fan Club!

Sorry Gang Green but I had to come here from MHR and here is why....


I'm sorry in advance for the many blind Tebow followers that will continue to infiltrate your special football space on the web. Especially if you HATE him. I understand how and why you'd feel annoyed. If you give me a moment I'll try and explain why many logical Bronco fans will be rooting for the Jets this year more so than their own team.

Quick. Been a Broncos fan since the 80's. Seeing them climb their way from the dungeon to win back-to-back Superbowls was the greatest feeling a football fan could have. That was before the 2011 Broncos.

I don't watch college football much. Being Canadian it was always hard to identify with a US college. So I was never a Tebow follower before he became a Bronco. Nor am I religious. When he arrived I was pleased...I mean what else could I root for? Kyle Orton? Forget that. I wanted to see this raw football/playmaker on the field.

I watched every Bronco snap last year in super-slo-mo on my DVR. I made every moment last 20X as long and I relished in the miracles and flashes of greatness I witnessed from Tebow. I was pure ENTERTAINMENT! To watch a team and a player that nobody gave a chance win like they did was heart-pounding excitement. The ups and downs made Sundays can't miss TV. Climaxing with the win VS The Steelers. I'll never forget last year. Ever.

I was really looking forward to seeing Tebow develop as a passer while they continued running this power option football. Seeing my scrappy QB shake off 300lbs DTs and then slinging the ball down the field was pure enjoyment. The way Tebow played made every play exciting and every win unprecedented.

And more After seeing the Broncos in the last two weeks attempt to purchase a SuperBowl with an aging, broken legend and shuffling Tebow out the door the way they did...after what he did for the franchise -- made me sick. Winning championships like that is for the owners and players...not the fans. Let's face it, as fans, all we have are the memories. Seeing my underdog team finally get over the hump and win a championship again was what I was hoping for. I didn't care if it took 5 years -- because those 5 years would have been filled with unbelievable, exciting football games.

That's what Tim Tebow brings to the table and that's why I'm following him to the NY JETS.

I'll be straight up with you guys. I was never a Jet fan. I like Rex. Think he's one of the best coaches (calling D and listening to him as entertainment). I never rooted against them but as you know people tend to just root for their OWN team. BUT the Jets havn't won the big one in a looooooong time. They are the underdogs. And when Tebow starts making the plays he's made HIS ENTIRE LIFE with the Jets, I'll be rooting for him. Why? Because most people think he can't. Sure, he's the most talked about player maybe in the history of the league but he's the ultimate underdog.

He will make you rise to your feet, scream at the top of your lungs and spark something inside of you that you never felt watching a football game. Forget mechanics, accuracy or footwork -- the Rocky Balboa heart this kid has will win you over. ALL OF YOU! Some of the more die-hard bleed green guys like Bro Namath and Crackhead (something like that) will probably argue this and say they'll never root for him, but even those guys will be chanting TEBOW TEBOW TEBOW! He's that kind of player.

So I apologize in advance for the influx of new Jets fans coming to your site but it can't be helped. Tebow is a special player that goes beyond the usual analysis. He will make your team better and the drama that will unfold will be must see TV again. I will say by week 5, he will be starting QB. And if and when that happens, everyone will be excited and hopeful as I was last year. Enjoy the ride because if it's anything like the 2011 Broncos you are in for a treat.


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