Jets: An Education on Tebow

The bile, the vitriol, the unending and ill-informed hate spewing from the mouths of "people who should know" never ceases to amaze me when it comes to Tim Tebow.

I'm here to tell you people the truth about Tim Tebow in 2011.

From the minute we drafted him I was against it. There's a video on youtube of me cursing when we drafted him, I know it's out there. I don't care because I quickly changed my tune.

I bought into the lies and distortions surrounding this kid at first.

"He can't throw"

Tim Tebow is a dynamic playmaker who can throw. He throws a very good deep ball. He struggles with certain shorter passes, especially throwing from his left to right side. He sells and throws a screen brilliantly.

Ask Pittsburgh about his "throwing motion."

Last training camp, as reported by Woody Paige, John Elway was against, John Fox was neutral and GM Brian Xanders was a believer in Tebow. The Broncos front office botched the trade of Kyle Orton and then turned around and named Orton the starter after a few "good practices." Players and coaches didn't like what they saw out of Tebow in practice.

All preseason long "Tebowmania" was beaten and stomped upon by the Broncos management and the media at large. The sixth year vet practiced better, after all. Fans realized Tebow was only playing with the scrubs and his preseason performances weren't bad. Orton was a free agent and people wanted to do the smart thing and start the kid last year to see what they had in him.

"He's a fourth stringer."

"Brady Quinn's the real number two."

The front office and the Denver media believed Kyle Orton made the Broncos legitimate since he was a real pocket passer who could throw. He also practiced wonderfully along with Brady Quinn. "The practice players are the real gamers," -- Jeff Legwold, Denver Compost.

I knew this team was 4-12 coming off a coaching change. For some reason all we heard was "career year" for Kyle Orton and "Pro Bowl" for Brandon Lloyd.

What a joke. A 4-12 team changes just a few personnel and we're going to be world beaters? Oh they said they were gonna run and play defense. Big time.

The point is, the Denver Broncos aren't a good football team. I predicted 6-10 with my devastating "Reality Meter." I knew reality would smash the Broncos in the face with Orton. The right thing to do was play the kid. Orton was a free agent and clearly not the answer, but the FO decided (with the majority of the players) that Orton made them legit since the kid "couldn't throw."

I also said the Broncos would be 8-8 if Tebow started due to his mobility and dynamic playmaking ability.

Immobile Kyle Orton was duck soup behind our offensive line. In 2011 teams figured out the sole weapon of the Broncos receiving corps was Brandon Lloyd (he snuck up on people in 2010).

Our running game? Pretty nice in preseason. I wasn't impressed. Come regular season (first 5 games) it was marginally better than 2010 since we added McGahee and one left tackle Franklin. We went from dismal in 2010 to very average starting off 2011.

Many of the players and the FO didn't want Tebow in there. Evidenced by a player coming up to Woody Paige after the Steelers game claiming he was one of the few who believed in him all along.

But when Kyle Orton turded out big time in those first five games ( the easiest part of the schedule, we would have won at least 2 with Tebow) they certainly got Tebow. And oh yeah, Brady Quinn "the real number two" was riding pine.

At first they tried to make Tebow play like Kyle Orton. That sucked. Then in came the option offense and lo and behold, our running game took off.

I'm telling you people Tebow was a big part of the Broncos rushing attack in 2011. Much bigger than most of these sea cucumbers on TV regurgitating a bunch of nonsense. Teams had to honor his ability to rush for first downs. Players like James Harrison and Tamba Hali had to stay at home instead of pin their ears back and just rush in. Forget Tebow's rushing yardage, just erase those 600 yards -- the threat of him running is what caused hesitation and opened up lanes for 30 year old McGahee and "Lance Ball" for heavens sake. Lance Ball who would probably be out of a job if he wasn't with the Broncos.

Tebow passes well enough. Throws a better deep ball than Kyle Orton and here's the real kicker: last year Tebow didn't have a single go-to receiver.

Not one.

He did in 2010 when he started three games. He had Brandon Lloyd and he got the ball to him just fine thank you.

The Broncos receivers right now are "maybes." Maybe Demaryius Thomas can be a Pro Bowl caliber go to receiver, he has potential. Eric Decker might be a good slot receiver like an Ed McCaffery. Eddie Royal? He was nowhere.

Remember I said Lloyd snuck up on people in 2010? Well wouldn't you know teams started double teaming him in 2011 and guess what? Kyle Orton still threw the ball to him most often. That tells you something, Orton had the safety net of Brandon Lloyd, a guy who could get open with consistency. Tebow didn't have that luxury and still performed well.

Broncos defense the real hero of last year? That defense needs six new starters before we can even talk about even a 49rs caliber defense. Broncos need a real MLB, two DT's, a CB and one perhaps even two safeties.

The mediocre defense benefited greatly from the new option rushing attack and to its credit the defense was opportunistic with turnovers at times. The Broncos offense, instead of going three and out quickly with an immobile QB who was very predictable on third downs (who often got sacked or threw it away) we enabled our defense to rest up for once. Just one rushing first down from the QB was an upgrade in terms of letting the defense rest and gaining better field position.

"I've never felt so refreshed in a game," --Champ Bailey after the first Chiefs game where we ran for I don't know how many yards on them.

People talk about this kid like he's much, much less impressive than Colt McCoy or Blaine Gabbert. I saw nothing from those QB's last year. You want to see flashes of greatness out of your rookies and Tebow certainly showed flashes.

I can't believe Jets fans would be pissed off about this. Maybe the ones who don't like the kid personally or hate the whole Tebowmania thing. Those people will hate this kid regardless. Regardless even if he helps you win a Super Bowl, I'd wager.

I can just imagine this kids parents watching TV. Flicking from channel to channel to see him belittled, called a joke and told that he "can't throw."

Model citizen, essentially a rookie who takes a 1-4 team to the playoffs and even wins a freaking playoff game.

You've got to be kidding me.

"Can't throw, can't play."

What a bunch of BS.

Tebow did all that while the VP of the Broncos John Elway made snide remarks about him weekly. Unprecedented.

I've just gained some respect for your coach and FO. I didn't like the guy. Now I know he's a shrewd customer. This is a great move for the Jets.

You remember a guy named Brad Smith?

This blog and others were sad to see him go...

Weren't they?

You just got Brad Smith in spades.

I'm betting this FO will do the right thing and handle it the right way.

They will announce Sanchez is the man, the starter. They will then announce that Tebow will play in Tebow packages.

That's smart, that's the way to avoid the fans going ape. Denver didn't do that. They tried to say Tebow was a fourth stringer and that Brady Quinn was the real number two. All the while he was the real number two.

The rabid Tebow fans just want to see him play, they will get to see him if they go that route and use him in situational roles.

I don't see Tebow pushing Sanchez for the starting gig unless Sanchez really has a horrible string of games. In that case, would't he deserve to get the axe for a game or two anyways? Also, this BS about disrupting a QB's rhythm, if anything this Tebow package should take pressure off Sanchez. Based on his last year, that seems like a good thing.

"but John Elway didn't want him..."

Elway had a bug up his ass about Tebow from the get-go. Elway has become relentless in saying you must have a pure pocket passer sitting back their to win in the NFL. Now he's got one better than Orton, and the problem is the Denver offensive line still isn't conducive to an immobile QB right now. Barring some serious upgrades to our offensive line, consider me ho-hum.

In the twilight of his career John Elway could finally afford to be a pocket passer because his offensive line was all world.

Tebow made our running game and O-line better with average personnel. I was hoping they would build on their success last year and acquire a fast outside receiver, a running back with home run hitting ability, a good fullback and at least a new guard. Instead, the Broncos are going to try and become a passing team and the personnel isn't there, not yet anyways.

Say what you will about Skip Bayless, he was 100% in his evaluation that Elway couldn't stand the fact that Tebow was winning games. They traded away Brandon Lloyd as they switched to Tebow because "maybe he would be a problem in the locker room." They probably figured the "Tebow circus" would come to a crashing halt and they'd be in play for a high draft pick.

Fact is, Brandon Lloyd would have put up decent numbers with Tebow and won a playoff game.

What's funny is no one seems to think the kid can get any better throwing the ball and that what you see is what you will always get.

The ceiling for Tebow as a QB? Probably a more durable Michael Vick.

That's not half bad. At worst he is a very good backup and a damn good situational player. Good vision when running, has a knack for feeling the flow of traffic and he runs with some power. Like Cam Newton he is unique as a QB who can legitimately run between the tackles. He can throw well enough. His skillset will be valuable in the NFL for a lengthy career even if he doesn't become a number one QB.

I'm surprised some of these Jets fans forget what he did to you last season. I guess it was all the Broncos defense, or the offensive line. Or the Jets just being dumb. It was everything except Tebow if you listen to Merril Hoge and friends. Especially since they mostly play the footage of Tebow throwing a duck in the Lions game over and over again on ESPN...

Couldn't believe the crap I've been hearing, one in particular is that Mike Francessa who I've known to be rather even keeled most of the time. Used to tune in to Mike and the Dog ever since the days of Rich Kotite just to laugh my balls off at their assessment of the Jets each Monday. He couldn't be more wrong and more emotional over this supposed "joke."

In the Jets - Broncos game last year I saw a QB throwing and running with his shoulder down in a 95 yard game winning drive. In the same moment, I also saw the great Darrelle Revis ducking him to get out of the way.

And that's the truth.

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