Outside the Box Thinking To Make The Most of What You Have

After a fourth and sixth round pick were given up, and receiving a seventh round pick also in return fom Denver, Tim Tebow is now a member of the New York Jets. His deployment on-field is the next question.

Back-up quarterback is the presumptive answer. Package player another. But there are smaller wrinkles potentially such as personal protector on punts, giving every attemtped punt the threat of a run or pass could be a real game-changer on special teams. But what if?

Shot gun formation, three receiver set, tightend held tight to the line of scrimmage to the left side, Sanchez awaiting the snap and to his left, where you would expect Shonn Greene or Joe McKnight to be you find Tebow. What's your read as the Mike on defense?

Traditionally, of course, Sanchez can take the snap read the D, and make his play, like you'd see any other down.

But think of the other options, just off of that traditional snap...

Tebow can leak out left, fading back so he's isn't in front of the QB, let him catch a pass and see what's there in space, maybe throw off of that catch. Maybe throw back to Sanchez, a la Randy Moss and Tom Brady a few years back (hopefully smoother but equally effective).

Sanchez quick pitches back to Tebow who makes a quick read on a receiver or (in my opinion, preferably) the tightend, passes to an open guy, or runs it off tackle, by option or design. A quick toss left as designed run would give Tebow a quasi lead-blocker in his tightend. It would keep defenses honest against the pass as well.

Then out of the same shotgun formation you've got the diect snaps to Tebow as an option. Some teams might shy away from a play like this being a regularity, but having a player like Nick Mangold making those snaps should give The Jets comfort. The QB dive on third and two, the roll outs, either passes or runs, the jump pass off of a fake dive.

Situationally, this is a role I think Tebow could thrive in. The defensive uncertainty of how the play will go could potentially give Sanchez some easier reads in the traditional pass game off of it, perhaps giving him the boost in confidence you'd asociate with making plays and moving the chains. And if the Tebow threat is real, and this packag works, the (fake to Tebow) play action passes might mean even easier reads off of it.

And this is just one package.

Yes, there would be kinks to work out, and practice will help off course. But hypothetically speaking, this is an innovative way to use a player who has a truly unique skill set as a football player. You have to try and think outside the box and use all your talent as best you can. Perhaps this is a way to do just that.

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