My thoughts on the off-season.

Hey all, This is my first post, but i've been an avid reader for awhile. I'm going to go over my idea draft and off-season. I'm not too educated on the cap, so if you guys could give me feedback, i'd appreciate it. Heck, i'd appreciate feedback in general. i want to go into journalism, so anything you guys think i should improve on, feel free to say.

Take the plunge!

First of all, I'm going to go over the off-season. I'd like to sign Vernon Carey, the right guard/tackle from Miami. Why, you ask. Well, Sparano's familiar with him and he's a monster of a man, at 6'5 and 340 pounds. He dominates in the running game as a guard, Miami averaged over 5 yards a rush running with him. At tackle, there was a 6.3% disruption rate he was responsible for. That's much better than Wayne Hunter. Much better. While it's not fantastic, it could be worse. He could start at right tackle, and potentially move inward when Brandon Moore goes. Hopefully by that time, we have taken a guy in the draft that could start at right tackle.

Another guy i'd like is Michael Griffin. He's never given up more than 36 yards receiving in a game, he covers very well. I'd like him at FS with George Iloka at SS.

On to the draft. You guys are probably tired of mocks, so I'm just going to give some options that i'd like, and where they'd fit in.

First round. WE NEED A PASS RUSHER. That's so important that it has to be emphasized by capital letters. I think we'll take Nick Perry, Vinny Curry, or Whitney Mercilus. "Why not Ingram?" you ask. Well, there's no way Ingram will last past the 12th pick (Seattle). Hell, Nick Perry might be gone by then. (He'd be back with Pete Carroll, who recruited him to college in 2007). But still, look at the teams ahead of us. Jaguars are the first team who need a pass rusher, but they're gonna take Coples. Then it's Miami. Which pass rusher is theirs? Well, there's Melvin Ingram, Nick Perry, Courtney Upshaw, Whitney Mercilus, and possibly Vinny Curry. I imagine they'll take the best on the board, Ingram. After his combine, many have him rated higher than Upshaw. So that's Perry, Upshaw, Mercilus, and Curry left. I imagine Buffalo will also take one of our choices, so they go for the next best on the board...Upshaw. Bye bye, Courtney. Then there's Seattle, who's in desperate need of a pass rush. They're probably gonna take Nick Perry, because Pete Carroll was HC at USC and recruited Perry in 2007. Nothing better than an old reunion. So, Vinny Curry and Mercilus are left. I say we go Curry. He's been the most consistent pass rusher in college football lately, and frankly...I don't like Mercilus. I haven't heard great things about him.

Second round. What do we have left? Wide Receiver and safety still need to be accounted for. Now, you guys might not agree with me...But I really like Nick Toon. Been a fan of him for awhile, I'm a badger fan so i've seen him play extensively. He's a great deep threat, he BLOCKS really well (Wisconsin has one of the most hardcore running games in college football, if you ask me), and he fights for the ball. So he's my pick in the second. Another option is George Iloka. I think he's a third round pick, but i've seen people say he's a second round talent. So hey, why not? He could fix our safety problems, which we all know we desperately need.

That's all i know about the draft, unfortunately.

And, that concludes this fanpost.

Peace!!! Comment and tell me what i did wrong!!

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