Live Mock Latest News ( War Room Guys )

Hi all , the date for the next live mock has been set . The 1st and 2nd round will take place on Friday the 23rd of March the 3rd , 4th and 5th rounds will take place on Saturday the 24th and the 6th and 7th rounds will take place on Sunday the 25th . The times are still not confirmed but i would think it will start at 7pm EST on Friday and 2pm EST on Saturday and Sunday .

The list of guys who responded to my previous post and wanted to be involved in the war room are as follows


Buddy James

sexy rexy




brick wall 60



tinley24 ( me )

Now for all the above guys there is a best player list that needs to go in this weekend so i would ask all of you to submit your top 3 player choices for each round in the comment section below or you can e-mail me at .


brick wall 60 1st round : Trent Richardson , Melvin Ingram , Michael Floyd

2nd round : Vinny Curry , Harrison Smith , Brian Quick

3rd round : Bruce Irvin , Levy Adcock , Nick Toon

and so on for all seven rounds . I will then generate a BPA list from your lists and send it in for us . If you are stuck for players don't worry , we can pad your list if you need .

Now on to the workings of the war room . I will create a post called war room here on GGN about 1 hour before the start of the draft . I would ask for you guys to check in just so i know who is here . If you are late don't worry , just try to be here before we are on the clock with our pick . This post is where we will discuss our options for our pick , who we draft , do we trade up or down etc etc . Hopefully i can get John B or one of the other great writers to front page the war room post for the duration of the draft so any other GGN members can come along and check out whats happening .

There will be no steadfast rules to this except majority rules when it comes to our picks during the draft . Everyone will have the opportunity to put there case across fot the player they would like us to pick .

There is still time for any other GGN members to join this war room . Just comment below . I will accept anyone who wants to take part right up to Thursday the 22nd . After this cut off point only the guys that i list on the war room post will be able to give imput during the draft . If any of the guys listed above are busy or unable to make the live draft , if they could let me know that would be great .

If you have any other questions feel free to ask them in the comments below and i will do me best to answer them . So get thinking about what players you want to see on the team next year and lets try for the perfect draft .

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