NY Jets are on the Clock

With free agency underway, and I see myself getting a little more frustrated with our GM each day, I figure it is time to do something fun.

The last mock I had was badly criticized, and I guess much of it was deserved... I though we should pursue Peyton Manning to the fullest extent possible and get depth in areas I perceived we needed them.

Here is where the fun comes in. Mel Kiper recently updated his latest mock draft, and I feel he gives us a very good idea of where prospects may land.

Off the board are Luck, RG3, Kalil, Blackmon, Richardson, Claiborne, Coples, Reiff, Poe, Ingram, Kuechly, Tannehill, Floyd, Barron, and Brockers. NY Jets are on the clock.

What do you do?

Your pick/ or entire mock draft if you would like. Trades for this year and next year is possible. Realistic trades only, must be close in value. If you trade next years pick, you lose 25% of this years value. Jets pick is worth 1000 points this year; next years is valued at 750 points. This is a chart from draft tek.

One thing that sticks out to me is there are two good OL on the board. Jonathon Martin and DeCastro and honestly I think Detroit would be calling. I think they want Martin.

Jets trade #16 (1000 pts) #78 (200 points) and #108 (78 points) for Detroits 1st, #23 (760 points), 2ND #54 (360 points) 3rd #86(160 points). IMO a very reasonable trade. Points are almost equal.

16- DET take Martin

17- CIN takes Kirpatrick

18- SD takes Upshaw

19- Bears takes DeCastro

20- TEN takes Mercilus

21- CIN takes Glenn

22- CLE takes Wright



- Yes. Stayed with my pick from the last time. Mauga isn't a dominate force like Hightower. I think he and Harris would absolutely be devastating and form one of the greatest duos. He also is a leader and called the plays for Bama's defense. Currently we rely on Leonhard and we struggle with leadership without Jim Leonhard.

Nick Perry is a good choice here too, but I think we can find something in round 2. Bryan Thomas figures to be starting and if we part ways with Bart Scott, I think Hightower makes the biggest impact at this point in the draft.

Other picks:

#47 - Andre Branch - OLB

#54- Trumaine Johnson - FS

#86 Marvin McNutt - WR

5th - Joe Long- OT

6th - Tavon WIlson - SS

7th - Akiem Hicks -DE

**Jets should also receive some compensation for Ellis and a few others. I would love more picks and get a balanced TE.

Anyways, thoughts? What would you do?

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