My Defense of Tanny

Many people here are calling for Tannys head. I even read an article which was basically implying that he was an asshole for not signing LeCharles Bentley in 2006 and instead drafting that piece of shit guy Nick Mangold. The guy said that if we took Bentley, we could've instead taken Demeco Ryans and been a better team.

I guess the guy was in the Jets draft room and somehow knew that Ryans was right after Mangold on their big board and there was no doubt that they woulda taken Ryans and not someone like Joseph Addai (taken right after Mangold) or D'Qwell Jackson. This, of course, is moot because i think that if the jets traded Mangold for Ryans then I for one would be quite pissed off.

Anyway, here goes my defense:

How happy were you when we got Santonio for a 5th round pick? Or when we got Rex Ryan? Bart Scott? Trading away a pair of new cleats and a bag of footballs for Braylon Edwards?

How pissed were you when he didnt trade up for reggie bush, and instead drafted Brick and Mangold, two of the best OL in the game, with those picks? I remmeber personally being pissed that we didnt take Leinart with the 4th pick. In hindsight, how happy are you now?

How about trading up to get Revis? Remember when people said we paid too much? What a shitty GM for trading up for that guy.
Or even Favre and Sanchez? Dont you remember that there were like 3 or 4 teams lining up to acquire both of them?

I can remember for a while that GGNs banner was 'Where Mark Sanchez>Brett Favre Always' and no one disputed. I remember reading an article by John B., who initially was opposed to drafting Sanchez, claiming that he has no doubts in his mind that Sanchez is here to stay (in a good way) and he was eating crow... This was right after the loss to Pittsburgh in the AFC Championship game.

The only moves he made that I thought were a huge mistake was how he botched our WRs this year, but I was half proven wrong. Mason for Cotchery was stupid, but Edwards had a much shittier year than Burress, and dont tell me that that falls on Alex Smith.

My standard for a bad GM is when he makes moves that no one agrees with at the time and those moves backfire. Almost every move was one that, while it might not have entirely panned out, I was a strong supporter of when it happened. And a large majority of you guys were too.

You can say 'Oh, hes a GM, he should have more insight and know which moves he should and shouldn't make. There are a lot of things he knows that we dont.'
However, if you do say stuff like that, you have no right whatsoever to criticize any move he makes before you actually get to see it in action, even if its something like trading Darrelle Revis for Tim Tebow.

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