My Top 10 OLB ratings for the draft

The one thing we are all in agreement with here on GGN is that we need an upgrade at this position . But how many players shold we draft at this position ?

I think we will draft 2 guys at this position but with all the extra picks we have i hope we get 3 guys to add the the roster and make this position one of the strenghts going into the future . All the ratings for the players will be out of a total of 100

I will start off by saying i will grade every player 3 categories

1) Skillset

2) Value i.e what round they can be got

3) Fit to this team

I will then give the list by what round that i predict them to be drafted in . So lets start off with round 1

1st round

Courtney Upshaw , Alabama . My Rating 93 .

For me , Upshaw scores very high in all 3 categories and is easliy one of the best fits for this team in the 1st round .He seems like a very good every down prospect and would fit very well in this team

Melvin Ingram , S Carolina . My Rating 90

Again Ingram scores high in all 3 categories but is sightly behind Upshaw because he has less experience in a 3-4 defence .

Nick Perry , USC. My Rating 86

Perry is a little behind the other 2 because there is question marks about weather or not he can be an every down player for this team . He has great pass rushing skills but is see Upshaw and Ingram as better all round players.

Whitney Mercilus , Illonis . My Rating 80

Mercilus wouldn't be a great value pick at 16 so he loses some points there . He also has only played 1 full year of college ball so there are some unknown things we would get if we drafted Mercilus . Its also debatable weather or not he is a great fit for this team so he also loses points there too.

2nd Round

Vinney Curry , Marshall . My Rating 86

Curry represents great value for us in the 2nd round . He has a very good range of skills and i think would be a very good fit in a Rex Ryan defence . High character guy helps his rating here also .

Andre Branch , Clemson . My Rating 78

Another guy who has got some skills but he doesn't seem the best fit for this team . Also doesn't score very high on the value he gives us as a 2nd round pick .

Ronell Lewis , Oklahoma . My Rating 75

Has got some question marks as to what he can bring in a pass rushing capacity . He seems to be more of a guys who does lots of things good but very few thing great . A solid but not spectacular type of pick .

3rd Round

Bruce Irvin , W Virginia . My Rating 83

Irvin would be a very good value pick for us in the 3rd round . He looks legit as a pass rusher but needs some work against the run . To me he is not an every down player just yet so loses some marks because of that .

Shea McCellin , Boise St . My Rating 85

Very versatile player that could do lots of different things for this team . Is a great value pick in the 3rd round and his rating would be close to 90 if he fell into the 4th . He loses some marks because i can't see him making a massive impact from day 1 , like some of the top rated guys .

Frank Alexander , Oklahoma . My Rating 77

This guy would be a slight reach for us in the 3rd round so he loses some points there . He is another solid but not spectacular player that could do a decent job on this team .

My preference would be to draft Vinney Curry in the 2nd and McCellin in the 3rd . I would then also try and draft another OLB like Corrado Law , Donte Paige-Moss or Adrian Hamilton in the later rounds , giving us 3 new dynamic OLB's that would solve our terrible pass rush forever .

Feel free to comment on my ratings or anything else related to this post .

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