Let's take a (very) early look at our schedule

Hey guys, it's a very dark day for us Jets faithful today, but why don't we do something fun and have a little assessment of our schedule next year?


-San Diego(8-8): Don't let the record fool you, this could a very dangerous game, especially if we have to play them later in the season, which is when they usually turn up the intensity. We all know about Philip Rivers and their high flying passing attack, but it's not really an issue for us, save for Antonio Gates. We have the corners to essentially remove Vincent Jackson (who may not even be with them) and Malcom Floyd. Depending on what changes we make to our front seven, we may or may not have issues with Ryan Mathews's outside speed, but i think we'll be fine. I can't really comment on their defense, since they're apparently overhauling that, but we could probably just outpush them in the front like usual. All in all, this should be a perfectly winnable game on paper, but as I said, they could still be quite dangerous depending on when we play them.

-Arizona (8-8): Who woulda thunk we'd have the same record as the Arizona cardinals? And who woulda thunk they got to 8-8 from 1-6? And who would thunk they'd be one of only 3 teams to beat the 49ers? Anyway, this should be a manageable game. That being said, they really improved towards the end of the season, and we gotta be careful about Patrick Peterson, both on defense and special teams. Probably ain't gonna be a cakewalk, but i don't see anything they have that could really break the game for us, since Revis could take away Larry Fitzgerald.

-San Francisco (13-3): Speaking of San Francisco, this is probably gonna be a rough one. They have an outstanding defense, but i can't really properly say how we're gonna match up since our offense is gonna have some big changes. Still doesn't look too good on paper though. They don't have a passing game that we really have to worry about at all, even if they draft another receiver. Oh wait, they have Vernon Davis, and you all know the problems we have covering tight ends. If Antrel Rolle can get smoked by this guy over the top, I don't wanna know what he's gonna do to us...(shiver). Luckily we have home-field for this one, which should help a little bit.

-Indianapolis (2-14): I'm not sure who's gonna be their quarterback, but let's just assume it's Andrew Luck for now. They're in rebuilding mode right now and I don't believe they're gonna be serious contenders next year. Not to mention, we usually cause average/inexperienced quarterbacks misery, since we allow an average passer rating of below 70. Now, I can't say how good Luck is gonna be as a rookie, but I really don't see this game giving us too much trouble. Then again I said the same thing about Denver last year...

-Houston (10-6): We've never once lost to the Texans, but we can't let that get into our head too much. Their defense is SO good. They have great players everywhere on that side of the ball, and a very good coordinator too. Again, I can't really say how we're gonna match up because of the imminent offensive changes. We were really inconsistent with stopping opposing RBs last year, so idk how we're gonna react to Ben Tate and Arian Foster. Andre Johnson's not an issue. If they keep either of their tight ends, that IS an issue. I'm kinda split here, i can see us winning, but a loss isn't inconceivable either.

-Buffalo (6-10): How exactly did we almost lose to these guys at home last year? If we get our running game back to shape we'll beat these guys senseless, like we used to. I think they're gonna have some significant changes to both sides of the ball, so it's a little hard to comment on their specifics. You guys do remember they started off 5-2 before we killed their confidence right? Well, it's not impossible that they could actually sustain some success this time around, so i won't mark this one as a freebee. I don't think I need to go too much further into this, we know these guys very well.

-Miami(6-10): We have yet to sweep these guys in the Rex era, and they've actually swept us. Why does this team keep giving us so much trouble? I can't say too much since they have a new HC, but I think they'll probably get Matt Flynn. If that's the case, they could be quite dangerous. I still don't think their offense poses a huge threat to us, we just have to be able to get something done with our own offense so that our defense doesn't get totally gassed. Let us be aware though that they have some very, very talented players on their team. Again, I don't know what to say about our offense just yet. This is a winnable game still, but these guys are always tough for some reason.

-The evil(13-3): We're, in theory, capable of beating this team, provided that we don't keep shooting ourselves in the foot and missing opportunities to shoot them in the foot. If we do just beat ourselves however, that sunday night disaster will happen again...ugh, i hate just thinking about that. I don't need to say too much about these guys since we know them all too well, but if we have a good off season, and execute on game day, we can win this game.


-St. Louis(2-14): They're in rebuilding mode with an inexperienced quarterback, with our old offensive system that we could easily shut down. Do I really need to say anything else?

-Pittsburgh(12-4): This should be a good one. Their defense is still very very good, but they're also getting really old, which was exposed in that Denver game. We'll see where our offense goes, but we should be able to chip away at them enough to get enough points up on the board. We've done it before. Their offense vs. our defense...normally most teams would lose the battle against young speedsters like Mike Wallace and Antonio Brown, but we're blessed to have a current top 5 corner and the all-time best corner (Yeah, I said it). So there goes their biggest strength. Heath Miller however, could be an issue. Hopefully we bolster our pass rush to get some pressure on Ben and hopefully put him on the ground., I think our run D should be back next year...the key word being SHOULD.

-Seattle (7-9): This isn't gonna be as easy as most of you might think. The Link is arguably the most difficult stadium to play in just based on the stadium itself. That alone could lead to many miserable games for favored teams. Just ask the Saints, i'm sure they haven't forgotten. Their defense also really came around towards the end of the season, and they have a few pro bowlers on that side I think. Their passing isn't much for us to be afraid of, but the BEAST just might be. Speaking of the beast, did you know he actually got fined for wearing a skittles pattern on his cleats? On paper it'd be a manageable game for us, but home field advatange for them could really change everything. Proceed with caution.

-Jacksonville (5-11): Their defense is very solid, that could potentially cause a problem. Their offense though...not so much. They're trying to really improve that side of the ball and help Blaine Gabbert find his way, but we usually cause Quarterbacks like him misery. MJD and Marcedes Lewis are potential areas of concern, but I don't think they'll be enough to beat our defense to the point where our offense can't keep up. Winnable game. By the way, they're apparently getting all-new, black Nike Jerseys in 2013. That actually sounds pretty awesome, their colors right now kinda suck.

-Tennessee (9-7): I'll assume Chris Johnson is gonna be back full time next season, and I really don't like the thought of having our front seven against a sub 4.3 40. They don't have any passing game weapons that should scare us aside from MAYBE Kenny Britt. Oh wait, we have Revis. I think they have a good tight end too, but i forget his name. If Jake Locker is their Quarterback next year, he could actually cause us some issues with his mobility and cannon arm, he looked really good in limited action this year. He kinda reminds me of big ben. I don't really know much about their defense. Either way, seems like a winnable enough game. But things could change.

-Miami (6-10): Already talked about these guys. Did you guys know Daniel Tosh is a Dolphins fan? That's why he makes fun of us a lot.

-Buffalo (6-10): See, i'm kinda laughing at the nickname, "Ahmish Rifle" right now.

-The Evil (13-3): I would like to think we could beat these guys at their house. Again, it depends on how our off season goes and how we play on gameday. I think we're perfectly capable of winning this game though, and just imagine sweeping these guys for the first time in...I don't even know how long. Something worth noting is that Wes Welker is starting to get into his 30s, and prettyboy can't do it forever, can he? I wonder how good Gronkasshole is gonna be next year, it's sorta hard to imagine a season any better than he just had.

Your thoughts everyone?

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