The Natural

Adrian Hamilton Highlights 2011 (via trippbhk)

Adrian Hamilton, Prairie View A&M, DE/OLB prospect
6-3, 250, 4.7 forty, 20.5 sacks (!!!)

So I'm reading this article about small school prospects on Mocking The Draft and some of the guys are gushing and blushing over this player in the comments section. So I figure, "Eff it, lets Youtube this mofo and see whats what." And after about 5 seconds of watching this dude I'm also gushing and blushing.

You saw The Natural, right? The baseball movie with Robert Redford... its about that guy from some farm in God knows where, who comes out of nowhere to come to NY and become the greatest baseball player anybody's ever seen, and he plays one season and then retires after he hits a pennant-clinching walk-off home-run into the lights that sends sparks into the night like fireworks on the Fourth of July... Yeah, THAT movie. Awesome, right? Well... thats sorta like Adrian Hamilton.

He hails from some school in God knows where, and he just might be the best prospect you've ever seen. Maybe this is some hyperbolic shit I'm talkin. Maybe it is. Maybe. But if you tell me this kid isn't the total package, then I'm gonna slap your momma. Because this dude... is the truth. Yeah yeah, I can hear your weak ass now, "Level of competition... LEVEL OF COMPETITION!!!" Calm down... Relax. Chill out and just watch him... Just... watch.

Prototypical size. High level of athleticism is undeniable. Superb change of direction. Extremely violent hands. A bountiful array of pass rushing moves so refined, so polished, that if they were rocks they'd be precious stones. Highly rev'd, very tenacious. Instinctive. Displays a nasty disposition.

How can a kid from a small school look so refined? How can a prospect from Bumpkins USA be so well put together? I'm sure he has decent coaches and all, but there's a reason for differentiation of divions. And usually the better coaches coach in the higher divisions because the compensation is higher as well. So its pretty safe to assume that he's not the product of some genius coach out there. Nope, there's a different sort of genius at play here. A natural sort of genius. It all came together for this kid for some odd reason. Perfect size, athleticism, intelligence, intuition, motor... its all there. It just came to him naturally.

Its almost as if God, upon his birth, whispered in his ear, "Pass Rusher." And so it was, is, and shall be.


Here's his backstory.
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