Offseason 2.0 The revised edition

First i am still sticking with the Sanchize. I honestly believe he is our guy and was just a causality of a horrible offensive system. Sparrano was a great edition and I really think he can get the most out of Mark. Also i think it is time for Gang Green to start getting younger on both sides of the ball, especially the defensive side, and this is the year to do it.

Players Cut or Not Resigned: Plaxico Burress- Slow, aging, and wants to be in Philly so have fun buddy. Donald Strickland- decent in the nickel and special teams, but his spot could easily be filled by a rookie.

Nick Folk & T.J. Conely- a kicker and a punter who can not punt or kick, so no debate here. Robert Turner- one of the many glaring holes is our o-line and this guy can not fill even a back up role.

Bryan Thomas- i really like him but I think he will want too much for what he is worth, and i think its Aaron Maybin's time to shine.

Jim Leonard- I love this guy, but he has been injured, wants a new contract, and sound like he wants more than what he is worth.

Greg Mcelroy- This guy is a 3rd stringer who thinks he is a hall of famer. His comments did not sit well, and I dont think he will be welcomed back.

Matthew Mulligan- Not a horrible player, but with us looking at other tight ends and already having keller and cumberland he is the odd man out.

Eric Smith- Not really sure I need an explanation for this guy.

Ricky Sapp- with the draft i see us upgrading, and he is the odd man out again.

Players signed and resigned (Again not sure what our exact Cap is going to be)

Mike Devito- i hope we can get this guy for the right price. He played exceptionally well, but I think he overachieved but will continue to be pretty solid.

Sione Pouha- Our best defensive lineman and he should be our top priority this offseason.

Brodney Pool- Good as our nick safety and i think he has simply been under utilized. Great size, good speed, and plays the run pretty well.

Aaron Maybin- Probably our second best linebacker outside of David Harris and he is improving. I am extremely excited to watch this guy thrive in our defense.

Byron Leftwitch QB- Great locker room guy, could at least push sanchez to be a starter, and will teach the younger guys a lot.

Braylon Edwards WR- I know i was on the Randy Moss wagon, and I still think he will get comeback player of the year. However, Braylon is our guy. Good speed, great blocker, tall, fast, and i think he wants to be a Jet.

Jeff Backus OT- Played very well with the Lions, and was one of there only bright spots when they were a terrible team. He should step in and replace Wayne Hunter right away.

Ernie Sims LB- He is still relatively young, a former top ten draft pick, can play the run well, and can play both inside and outside backer. He will rotate with maybin and Pace on the otherside as well.

Jay Feely K- A Jets reunion. Still has a strong leg and one of the best kickers on the market.

Micheal Griffin- He is in my opinion the best safety on the market right now. He fits our system and can COVER A TIGHT END. This will no doubt be our biggest move this offseason, but will be well worth it.

Trades: Bartt "Can't wait to see you gone" Scott- He wants out of New York, he has underplayed his contract, and he is not worth the trouble anymore. We trade him not Detroit for their 5th round pick.

Calvin Pace- This wuld be strictly a salary dump. If he want to get younger and upgrade our OLB's this is the year to do it. Plus we have Maybin on one side. Trade him for a 6th round pick to Cleveland for their 6th round pick. (Not a great value but its time to let go of him and that salary.

1st Round 16th overall pick- Houston Texans for their 1st(26th) and 2nd(58th0 round pick

Draft: 1st Round: Donte Hightower ILB Alabama- Since Scott will be gone MLB is a new postion of need and hightower is a monster. He was overshadowed by a great defense but this guy was everywhere. at 6' 4" 260 IIlbs he is more than capable of starting from day 1.

2nd Round- Brain Quick Wr Appalachian State- Huge target standing 6' 5" with great speed and hands. He can be a great down the field target his rookie season while he is groomed into our number 1.

2nd Round from Houston- Bruce Irvin OLB West Virginia- Incredibly fast at 4.5 second 40 yard dash. He also had a ton of sacks and was very productive for two straight years.

3rd Round- George Iloka S Boise State- A very fast hard hitting safety. i fell in love with guy the first time i saw him play. He is also a friend of kyle Wilson and will compete with Pool for the opposite spot of Griffin.

4th Round- Rokevious Watkins OG USC- Huge massive man who is deceptively quick. This adds depth to our O-line and with his size he can eventually be a starter.

5th Round- Shea Mclellin DE Boise State- Big time production totaling 32 sacks and 120 tackles in his career, should be able to groom this guy easily.

5thr Round from Detroit- Markus Zusevic OT Iowa- At 6' 5" 300 pounds he might need to put on just a little wieight. However, this guy ran a 5.00 40 yard dash, and did not give up very many sacks at Iowa.

6th Round from Cleveland- Cordarro Law OLB Southern Miss- 27.5 sacks 192 tackles and this guy is way under the radar. he is 6' 2" 260 pounds and ran a 4.9 40, so a great value this late.

6th Round- Dominque Davis QB East Carolina- Threw for over 3000 yards twice. he is tall 6' 3" 210 pounds, and pretty athletic. He would be a good 3rd string Qb and a good addition to our wildcat formation.

7th Round- Drew Butler P Georgia- 21 inside the 20 punts and a good value in this late in the draft to be our starting punter.

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