Yet another Jet's Mock Draft


It's been awhile, but I wanted to throw out a couple of more guys who may be able to make an impact. I think the Jets have a busy offseason. I am not a big fan of Mike T's general draft philosophies as I think it takes depth acquired in the draft to keep young, cheap, and sustainable talent.

Without further delay, I would ideally like to make some cuts and try for Peyton Manning. I think we all would. I would try to keep Sanchez though.

-Restructuring of Dbrick has given us some more cap room. I think about 7 million. I would then cut Mike Devito. Don't get me wrong, I like him, but 3.1 could be used elsewhere, especially if Manning was in play. Then there is Eric Smith. CUT!

Anyways, something to think about, but with some other restructures, we could conceivable free up 10 million for Peyton.

Anyways, the Mock which everyone has their own guys they love, and everyone loves hearing new names to take a look at what they may offer! I will keep it simple and go with no trades. (I am totally in favor of trading down 5-10 spots in the right situation. (If Upshaw, Richardson, Ingram, or Dre are there, I'm not moving)

First Round:

Dont'a Hightower. Bama. ILB

Rex Ryan type of player here. Great against the run, and has the ability to get to the QB from time to time. Physical. Powerful. Hard nosed type of player. Not too good dropping into coverage.

Second Round:

Trumaine Johnson. Montana. FS

Lets me honest, this is a huge need. Trumaine is not ideal. He may be a mismatch versus many TEs early in his career, but he has great range and could develop into a nice free safety.

Third Round:

Evan Rodriguez. Temple. TE

How do you help a mediocre run game and help the passing game at the same type? How about a TE who can block and catch. Not the fastest guy, but he should help create mismatches. Keller and Rodriguez would be very difficult to match up against.

Fourth Round

Nick Jean Baptiste. Baylor. NT

Pouha is 33. Ellis does not look like he can be a 3 down player. I also don't think he is ready. Baptiste intrigues me.

Fifth Round

Kyle Wilber Wake Forest. OLB

Work in progress but has experience and upside.

Six Round

Dan Herron. Ohio State. RB

Boom! I like physical runners. North South, between the tackles. Shows up for big games. Not much in the passing game. Ground and pound baby.

Seventh Round

Akiem Hicks. Canada. 5 Technique

Size. Strength. Possibly ready to get some reps. Character issues as he was once a 4 star recruit. Played in Canada so didn't play against high level talent.

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