Bruce Irvin, WVU, OLB

Bruce Irvin vs Clemson 2011 (via JMPasq)

Bruce Irvin NFL Draft Analysis - 2010 Season (via TMBDraft)

6-3, 245, 4.43 forty, 1.54 split

2011: 8 sacks, 14.5 TFL
2010: 14 sacks, 14 TFL

I've been waiting for the combine to write about this guy. You can't always trust what teams say about their players height and weight. Irvin is proven to be a legit 6-3 245. He's on the small side, but he's a good 20 lbs heavier than Maybin and he's just as explosive, if not more so. And what you sacrifice in weight, you gain in pure speed and pass rushing ability. Dude is flat out DYNAMIC. His production is all the more impressive considering he spent his career at WVU playing out of position.

It is criminal what they did to this kid. They had him playing DE in a 3-man front. How do you watch this kid go to work every day, knowing how special he is, and stick him at DE in a 30 front? How do you NOT let him operate in space? I don't care what system you have. You make exceptions for exceptional talent. The WVU staff should be ashamed of themselves for playing this kid so poorly out of position. As a rush linebacker, Irvin will be an absolute monster.

Irvin had an impressive journey to the NFL. He was a HS drop-out that got his GED, played his way to dominance in JUCO, then fought his way to a big time program in WVU for continued success. This is a guy that fought through a lot of adversity, never stopped believing in himself, and never stopped fighting until he made it. This is someone with the talent and the fight and the will to become something special. This a guy you go get and not worry about his work ethic catching up to his talent.

Irvin has elite speed and get-off. He can straight blow by anyone if they're not ready for it. He also is very good at taking advantage of his speed by redirecting and cutting inside of OLs that open too wide. He also knows how to transfer his speed into power and leverage. He will step off the bus and be a good pass rusher. When he improves his hand-technique, he will become a dominant. Yes, he can play every down at OLB. Put him on the weakside with some space and he'll be just fine. But put him one-on-one in a pass rushing stiuation and watch him ooze talent.
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