Why we should trade back in this years draft ( my DraftTeck results )

As most of you guys know i'm a firm believer in getting as much value from our draft picks as possible so i tried a little experiment on DraftTeck . I wanted to see what type of value we could get by trading back so i followed the trade value chart and checked what type of extra players we could get with some extra picks .

So to start off i traded our 1st round pick to the Texans and got their 1st , 2nd and 3rd round pick in the draft . I then traded our 2nd round pick with the 49ers and got their 2nd , 3rd and 6th for that pick . That left us having the following picks

1st round pick 26 HOU

2nd round pick 58 HOU

2nd round pick 62 SF

3rd round pick 86 NYJ

3rd round pick 89 HOU

3rd round pick 93 SF

4th round pick 108 NYJ

5th round pick 150 NYJ

6th round pick 177 NYJ

6th round pick 189 SF

7th round pick 198 JAX

7th round pick 208 NYJ

As you can see from the above list of picks ,we are is a very strong position to fill plenty of the holes this team has and to add some serious depth to the team going into the future . I then had to imput the positions of need i wanted to fill . I wanted to try and come out of this draft with 2 pass rushers , 2 WR's , 2 o line players , a FS , a SS and a RB . The results of their simulation were as follows

1st round pick 26 Nick Perry OLB

2nd round pick 58 Alshon Jeffery WR

2nd round pick 62 Vinny Curry OLB

3rd round pick 86 Brandon Mosley OT

3rd round pick 89 Marvin McNutt WR

3rd round pick 92 Johnathan Massaquoi OLB

4th round pick 108 Trenton Robinson FS

5th round pick 150 Winston Guy Jr SS

6th round pick 177 Ryan Lindley QB

6th round pick 189 Matt McCants OT

7th round pick 198 Terance Ganaway RB/FB

7th round pick 208 Kevin Koger TE

As i'm sure you can see from the above list there are some players that we wouldn't get in the real draft at the positions they were given to me like Jeffery and Curry in the 2nd or Ganaway in the 7th but that results are not really what matters here . What matters is the fact by moving down in the draft ( in this example twice ) we are in a perfect position to come out of this years draft with some badly needed depth , some extra holes filled and we also increase our potential to find players that can make a difference on this team . Instead of just having 3 guys out of the first 3 rounds we can trade back and have 6 players from the first 3 rounds .

i ask you to think long and hard about what extra quality we might be able to achieve from this draft if Mike T changes things up and trades back in this draft . I think if we want a good platform for this team to make sure we have youth , depth , quality and less cap problems going into the future then this is the best way to achieve it .

Feel free to leave any comments below . Cheers for reading

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