Other Teams' Needs in the Draft and FA

The info on this list of needs is taken from an article at

I am condensing it to just the team and their needs without all the discussion.

If this article is right, the FA period is going to be key. A LOT of teams need help at S and WR. Similarly, a lot of teams need an LT. There could be a lot of competition for the FA RTs, and in the draft some of the OTs that some of you are projecting as RTs, may get drafted in the hopes they can play LT in the NFL.

Follow after the jump to see who might be competing against the Jets for Safeties, WRs, RTs, pass rushing OLBs and perhaps RBs.

I'm bolding the teams that I think will be the most likely to compete with the Jets for players.

Indianapolis -QB, OL. RB, WR, TE, LB, DBs

St. Louis - LT, WR, S, DL, LB, backup QB, RB

Minnesota -LT, WR, S, CB, LB

Cleveland -QB, WR, RB, RDE

Tampa Bay -RB, LB

Washington- QB, S, WR

Jacksonville - WR

Carolina - LB, DT, DE, CB, WR

Miami - QB, OL, pass rushing OLB, NT

Buffalo - pass rushing OLB, WR


Seattle -QB, DE, LB


Dallas -CB, S, OG, C

Philladelphia - LB

Jets -WR, backfield playmaker (RB), pass-rushing OLB, S, RT

Cincinnati (Oakland) - CB, S,

San Diego - LT, WR, OLB, S, DE

Chicago - WR

Tennessee -OG, C, Defense

Cincinnati - CB, S, RB

Cleveland (Atlanta) - LT, C, RG, pass rush (DE),

Detroit - LT, S, CB

Pittsburgh -OL, NT, ILB

Denver -QB, LB, S, RB, CB

Houston - WR, OLB

NE (New Orleans)- DE, DT

GB - pass-rushing OLB, RB

Baltimore -OG, C, WR, OLB, ILB, S

SF - WR,

NE - WR, CB, S (Either Curry or a WR)

Giants - CB, LT, RB

It will be interesting to see if there is a run on WRs early. As many as 7 teams who draft ahead of the Jets in each round are said to be looking for a WR. Some will fill that need in FA with a Vince Jackson, Bobby Meachem, or other player, but the Jets have to be wise and not get desperate and trade up. They can identify who is likely to take a WR they're looking at in the next round and trade down a few spots ahead of that team to take that WR. Also, players fall. Tanny must not be too aggressive. Besides, if they can re-sign Braylon, the Jets could conceivably skip taking a WR, as they also have a young WR prospect (Michael Campbell, who had good size and speed).

As always, lots of teams want pass rushers. Only 4 teams that draft ahead of the Jets look to need a pass-rushing OLB or DE (in a 4-3 alignment). Still, in the 1st round alone, that could be devastating. Upshaw, Ingram, Perry and Marcilius could all be gone by the time the Jets pick. 5 teams that pick after the Jets (including SD just 2 picks later), 4 of which play the 3-4 alignment I believe, also are looking for pass rush help. Those prospects could go quickly. Tanny needs to have several scenarios and contingency plans worked out, rather than going by his normal reactionary seat of the pants type moves. He needs to have a conditional trade down to the bottom of the first round or top of the 2nd lined up. He may wind up having to move up in a middle round to grab McClellin or Hamilton.

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