2 Stephen Hills and a Jeremy Kerley?

No, I'm not talking about cloning, I'm talking about a potential draftee who has a big body, tremendous athleticism, and an insane upside. That would be Rutgers WR Brandon Coleman.


Coleman is a redshirt sophomore by way of Maryland. Thus, there's a good chance he won't declare for the draft... however, with a weak receiver class, it might be enticing. If and when Coleman declares, he will likely instantly become one of the draft's most intriguing prospects.

Coleman is listed at 6-6, 215. 6 foot 6. Even if his real measurement is an inch off, that means he's 6-5 in the pros. Not only that, but he has pretty long arms, giving him a large catch radius. He's also not exactly lanky and skinny... he came in that way, but he has since added to a well-proportioned frame that looks sturdy. But he's not some possession WR plodder... he has legit sub-4.5 speed and is a major vertical threat.

His numbers are not awe-inspiring. Last season as a freshman Coleman, as a backup to Mohamed Sanu and Mark Harrison, had 17 catches for 552 yards and 6 TDs. While the usage was small, the gains were huge as he averaged an insane 32.5 yards per catch (a full 3 yards per catch higher than Stephen Hill) and he scored 5 touchdowns from 30+ yards out, including a 92 yarder against UConn and an 86 yarder in the Pinstripe Bowl. This season his YPC has normalized to 17.0, hauling in 39 passes for 663 yards and 10 TDs with one game left to play. However, the explosive TD strikes have remained, as Coleman has scored 5 more TDs from 30+ yards out, including an 85 yarder against Louisville.

There are many factors that play into Coleman's numbers. Rutgers has tried (often with failure) to be a ground first team, looking to slowly break in sophomore starting QB Gary Nova. They have shortened the games they've played, ranking 6th (out of 8) in the Big East in pass attempts, but still somehow ranking last in rush attempts and total plays... 6th place UConn runs 5 more plays per game than Rutgers. That will have an adverse affect on everyone's numbers. Secondly, Rutgers spreads the ball to multiple talented receivers- Mark Harrison has 42 catches and Tim Wright has 38. Lastly, Gary Nova is a very young and solidly mediocre QB who the coaches do not trust to cut loose until they absolutely have to.

Again, I don't know, and I'm going to say he probably won't declare, but... it may be to his benefit to put into the advisory committee to see what they say in a year where the standout WR is Keenan Allen and no one else really, maybe Justin Hunter. Kid has some monster potential, with great size, long strides, very good speed, an ability to high point the ball, and improving route running ability. His hands still need work as he drops some balls inexplicably, but he has a profile that suggests he could be a Plaxico Burress or Vincent Jackson type player. He could be a wildcard in this draft should he declare.

We shall see. In the meanwhile, here's a few videos of him at Rutgers.

KENT 28 RU 17 (via ESPN)

Brandon Coleman vs Arkansas 2012 (via JPDraftJedi)

Brandon Coleman vs Syracuse 2012 (via JmpasqDraftjedi)

Brandon Coleman vs UCONN 2011 (via phillyjimmyphilms)

Dodd to Coleman Game Tying TD (via peteykirch)

Louisville vs Rutgers 2012 Football Highlights | 11.29.12 (first catch of the video)

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