Tim Tebow: The greatest New York Jet ever?

Today I pose a simple question to you. Is Tim Tebow the single greatest player to ever don a New York Jets uniform? The answer may surprise you!

I will now examine all the things that make an NFL player great.

Talent- This one is easy. How many football players do you know that played receiver, fullback, punt protector, running back and qb in a single season? Why only Kendrick Ellis was supposed to be this versatile, and he has not shown it yet at this level. If we use predictive logic we can conclude that since Tim Tebow has successfully played every position he's ever tried, he would continue to do so regardless of what he's asked to do. Defensive tackle? No problem. Tight end? The tightest! Kicker? No sweat off his masculine chest! Wide receiver? He's split out wide a few times this year and teams were so intimidated that they actually challenged Mark Sanchez to throw him the ball, knowing that Sanchez would miss him. The sky is the limit for the player who can play any position.

It factor- Do I even need to mention the 'IT factor'? There is no guy perhaps in the history of the sport more full of 'it' than Tim Tebow. Tim Tebow is so full of 'it', that he even fills his teammates and coaches with 'it' by virtue of being in the same practice facility. His 'ittiness' is off the charts. He's a winner!

Record- Tim Tebow's career record, in college and the NFL, is incredible. Maybe less so when you take a look at the entire body of work of his teams, but that's a misleading statistic. After all, football is a team sport and no one man can make the difference. Which is why Tim Tebow is so special, because he is one man and he makes all the difference. Since college, Tim Tebow has been wholly responsible for every victory his team has had. EVERY ONE OF THEM. We know this by simply reading the articles about those victories. The established media would not mention him as often if this was untrue.

Measurables- Check out these facts. First, Tim Tebow has giant strong biceps. And the rest of his body is mighty as well. He is a football instrument if there ever was one. How many other Jets before have been such perfect tools? NOT MANY, I'll tell ya.

Another little known fact about Tim Tebow's passing… all of his passes land. Every single one of them. That's 100%. Show me another quarterback with that kind of completion percentage.

Here is another important measurable. Ball security. While it is true that Tim Tebow did fumble the ball thirteen times in 2011, his 2012 numbers are 0. That's right. He has 0 fumbles in the entire 2012 season. Using these stats as a predictive tool we can conclude that he will keep getting better at this until, within a few short years he is at negative numbers in career fumbles. A conservative estimate would be -63 fumbles for his career, which is absolutely unheard of. Step aside Benjarvus Green-Ellis. There's a new fumble-free bumblebee in the hive!

Clutch factor- Everybody knows about Tim Tebow's clutch factor. If a defense plays above its skill level and a kicker makes insane kicks to win game, Tim Tebow is guaranteed to be the person most responsible for their performances due to his clutchness. Here are some clutch facts about Tim Tebow's clutch victory against the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 2011 NFL playoffs.

-It was 100% of their playoff victories that year.

- It got them within two games of the superbowl.

-The loss was so devastating that, to this very day, the Steelers never made the playoffs again.

There. How can you argue with that! Why if only his teammates had wanted it more, he'd have clutched them all the way to the Super Bowl. Irrefutable fact!

Player comparisons: This one gets a little in-depth. The haters might compare his completion percentage to other quarterbacks completion percentage or might discuss things like accuracy and other meaningless statistics, but we're going to take a look at the overall comparisons of other specific areas.

Tebow vs. Namath: This is the one people would get most heated about. Joe Namath brought the New York Jets their only Super Bowl ever. That's got to make him the greatest Jet, right? Well no. What those people don't tell you is that Joe Namath was here for TWELVE YEARS. That's right. In twelve years, Joe Namath only won one super bowl. He doesn't look so special now, does he. Tim Tebow on the other hand has only been here for one year. Using predictive science stuff we can logically conclude that Tim Tebow would win at least seven super bowls in the same time. That puts THAT argument to bed. Tebow wins.

Tebow vs. Mark Gastineau and Joe Klecko- Here we have a two-fer. Upon checking the stats I noticed that not only one but BOTH PLAYERS COMBINED threw for fewer yards IN THEIR ENTIRE CAREERS than Tim Tebow has in limited action this year. And you wanna talk about this year? How about a 75% completion rate? Does that sound good? Well, that's Tim Tebow's completion rate this year. Eight passes attempted, six completed. This astronomical number makes him a clear favorite over Gastineau and Klecko, and probably the rest of the sack exchange combined too, but I feel I made my point with just those two.

Tebow vs. Darrelle Revis- I think this comparison of the Teebs to the Reevs can be put to rest with one interesting note. It's all about heart. This year, Tim Tebow has suited up with a bad rib injury on several occasions. Meanwhile, Darrelle Revis tears one little ACL, which is a comparable injury to a rib boo-boo, and he takes the season off. Some guys are just born competitors.

Curtis Martin- One might think that one of the greatest rushers and most revered Jets of all time might have an advantage over Tebow, but then you have but to look at their careers to see the truth. Curtis Martin, over the course of his entire career, averaged 4 yards per carry, or ypc as those of us who are in the know say. Tim Tebow is at a full 5ypc. That's an entire yard more per carry over the course of his career than Curtis Martin. So really, Martin isn't even in his league.

As we can see, Tim Tebow compares favorably as a football player not only to all the great former and current Jets, but also stands out in every category one can examine. Plus, he is a beacon for truth, justice and the American way, and unlike Superman he's not just hanging out with floozies like Wonder Woman and Batman in his spare time.

Soon, Tim Tebow will no longer be a New York Jet. His departure will undoubtedly ruin this franchise for years to come, putting to rest any title hopes we may have had and setting us into a dark age not unlike the futility of the Boston Red Sox after they parted ways with Babe Ruth. We of course have no one but ourselves to blame. Perhaps if we had purchased one more billboard, or chanted 'Tebow' just a little more loudly at games, he would have stayed with us. But we didn't, and that's just something we will have to accept. All I can say is, in the one short year that Tim Tebow was a New York Jet, we have truly loved a lifetime.



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