2013 Off Season Blueprint for Success

I’m really enjoying these blueprint posts. Here’s my take on what we should do.

Turning the 2012 Jets into a 2013 contender is a long shot at best. I’m not sure it’s possible unless Sanchez starts living up to his potential… and yes he does have talent just no confidence or help this year. I’m not holding my breath that he’ll turn it around but I’m still rooting for the guy. I’ll touch on the QB situation in a bit here. So without further adue here is my 2013 off season blueprint for Mr. Johnson:


I’m with most Jets fans on this one. Trader Mike as got to go. I like some things that the guy does but between bad contracts and too many bad picks he’s done. Rex is a great new head coach but he needs a rock at GM to balance out his emotion and loyalty to players. In order to succeed we need a GM who is going to be the bad cop to Rex’s good. Someone who’s going to pick 2/3rd sure things in the draft and 1/3rd risk vs. reward players. The franchise needs a mature steady hand and Tennenbaum isn’t it. I’m not sure who is on the market right now, or will be soon, but it needs to be a clean break with the guy out of the organization.


As you probably figured out I like Rex and hope we keep him. He’s brilliant on D, and with a strong OC and GM we could have a winner with him as our HC. It’s sounding like Sporano is on his way out and thank god. The guy is not a play caller at the NFL level and I’m amazed he got the job given his experience. The name that pops out to me to take his place is Norv Turner. He’s been in the game at the NFL level, gets along with Rex, wants to keep coaching and has the rings on his resume as an offensive play caller. Moore is also a solid option.

Why wasn’t Matt Cavanaugh fired last year? The guy has proven time and again that he can help any QB underperform. It’s like he has a gift for it. As previously stated I think Sanchez can be the Sanchize. He needs the right OC, some talent at the skill positions and a QB Coach that holds him accountable without destroying his confidence. I like Mike Pettine, Karl Dunbar and Weshtoff, and I hope they all stick around. The rest I’m indifferent about or don’t know enough about.


Some say don’t sell the GOAT, but I don’t agree. Trading Revis for the right price is a great call. First the relationship between Revis and the Jets is a little rocky, second his trade value is great right now, third he’s coming off an injury which has some risk and fourth our secondary is a strength even without him. He does change the whole game plan of the other team but this is a team sport and the opportunity to use the picks to fill all the Tennenbaum holes in our roster are worth it in my mind.

As far as value goes I’d love to see us get two firsts and a second from the Rams but that team needs them pretty bad. The team that I could see taking the bate is the Bengals. They need a little help in the secondary and have a few picks. Say their first, the two second round picks they have and a first or second next year because it looks like their first for this year will be a later pick. Otherwise a first and second this year plus a first next from other lower pick teams would be fair.


So yes I think we should keep Sanchez but we need to add a veteran like Vick or Smith with the idea that they’ll start and Sanchez has a chance of beating them in the preseason for the job. Make GQ work for the job, no kid gloves, no mercy. Along the same note we need to trade Tebow to whoever will take the guy for whatever we can get. I’d rather get a LB starter for him then a pick but anything 5th round or better would be a win for the Jets. Harris, Scott and Pace need to have their contracts re-worked at this point if they’re going to stick with the team. I’d say the same for Holms but I think we’re stuck with the guy as is. I’d like to see Edwards, now that he’s been humbled + he’s cheap, and Landry due to what he brings, re-signed. The rest I’m kind of indifferent about except Moore and Devito could be great value for the right price on short term contracts.


With a bucket load of picks from the Revis trade the Jets have some options. First off by all accounts this is a weak QB draft. With the chances of us getting poor value for Sanchez in a trade, and bringing in a veteran, I think the Jets should use no more than a 2nd rounder on a QB if that. I love the idea of grabbing Chance Warmack in the first round. Obviously our LB core needs an upgrade and if Jarvis Jones falls a bit due to injury concerns we should really think of moving up a bit to grab him. This seems like a great draft for safeties with some serious value to be had in the second round. RB is weak in the draft as far as real first round talent goes but there are a number of solid second round to third round picks worth looking at.

As mentioned in the beginning I’m not sure we can really make a run in 2013 but the opportunity to be a real contender in 2014 with a solid, deep roster is there. We have some great pieces in place. Hell if we get Smith or Vick to manage the game properly and stay healthy you never know. I’d love to hear what you think of all this.

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