My Mock

Take a look guys and let me know your thoughts


FIre Sparano, replace him with Norv Turner

Fire Tannenbaum, replace him with Tom Gamble from the Niners

Free Agency

Cuts-Pace, Scott, E. Smith, Pouha, J. Smith

Walk-Let Keller, Greene, Landry, Schilens, Hilliard, Slauson. Would love to bring back Landry, but he will command too much money.

Re-Signings: Y. Bell, I. Trufant, Cumberland, A. Howard, Folk, Mauga, B. Moore, Devito, B. Thomas, Edwards. Bell, Moore, Braylon, and Thomas should all get 1 year deals.


QB-Matt Moore (Compete at QB)

TE-Anthony Fasano

T-Will Beatty (Compete with Howard, should be cheaper than someone like Vollmer)


-Tebow to Jax for there 6th Round Pick

-Sanchez to Minny for a 5th Round Pick (we agree to eat 80% of Sanchez' contract; not a cap guru but maybe this gets in done)

-Kyle WIlson to Philly for there 4th round pick. The Eagles corners under performed this your and there depth is limited. Kyle adds some young depth.

2013 Draft (This is going on the assumption that we will lose our final game and get the 10th overall pick)

Trade: Trade our 10th pick to Indy for the 20th pick, 2013 3rd and 4th, plus a 2014 3rd. Reason why this works. Indy needs to add a top notch DE/OLB combo to there 3-4, especially with some aging defenders such as Freeney. We can get this trade done because of the disparity between a 10th overall pass rusher in the draft (such as a Dion Jordan or Sam Montgomery) as opposed to a 20th (Ansah from BYU). According to a draft trade value chart, we should be able to yield a 2nd and a 4th in addition to the fourth. However, although there is a disparity, I think there is enough depth that we may not be able to yield the second. This is a way to stockpile some picks as well.

1st (from Indy)- Mike Glennon, QB, NC State- I don't think he'll fall to us in the second and I still believe that Geno will come off the board first. Obviously a big need, he will compete with McElroy and Matt Moore in camp. I think there is enough of a disparity between someone like a Glennon and a Tyler Wilson to be 1st round worthy.

2- Alex Okafor, DE, Texas-Should be able to easily transition into a 3-4 OLB. Very versatile and solid pass-rush skills. Will he be as effective as someone like a Dion Jordan? Probably not, but I'll sacrifice that for the better QB.

3-Tony Jefferson, FS, Oklahoma-Again, I think Landry's price is going to be too steep. We need to look forward and it's hard to say if Josh Bush will be able to step into Landry's shoes. Tony is a solid safety who can cover and could be a solid pick for us.

3 (from Indy)- Kenjon Barner, RB, Oregon-Top end speed and a ton of potential. Yes, he's raw, but could develop into a solid complementary back for Bilal. Very good out of the backfield as well. Similar game to Reggie Bush in my opinion.

4 (from Philly)-Tank Carradine, DE, Florida State-Another strong pass rusher who can transition into a 3-4 OLB. Is not polished and will need time to develop, but will be behind Thomas on the depth chart and can earn a chance to start next year.

4-Ryan Swope, WR, Texas A&M-A sure-handed WR who will add much needed depth to the Jets roster.

4 (from Indy)- Dion Sims, TE, Michigan State. A big TE who's fast and could be the dynamic receiving TE that we've needed on this team.

5-Brian Winters, G, Kent State-Adds much needed depth. Very good in both the running and passing game and could surpass Ducasse in camp as the starting LG.

5 (from Minny)-Zach Line, FB, SMU-We need a solid FB and Zach is one of the best in the draft. Strong blocking skills, but he's sub 4.6 speed could make him an excellent weapon as well.

6 (from Jax)-Lane Johnson, OT, Oklahoma-Depth

6-Marcus Lattimore, RB, SC-Why not?

7-Ryan Lacy, CB, Utah-Depth


QB: Glennon, Moore, McElroy

RB: Powell, Barner, McKnight, Lattimore

FB: Line

WR: Holmes, Edwards, Kerley, Hill, Swope

TE: Sims, Fasano, Cumberland

LT: Ferguson, L. Johnson

LG: Winters, Ducasse

C: Mangold

RG: B. Moore

RT: Beatty, Howard

LE: Coples, Devito

NT: Ellis, Harrison

RE: Wilkerson

LOLB: B. Thomas, Carradine

MLB: Harris, Mauga

MLB: Davis

ROLB: Okafor, McIntyre

CB: Revis, Cromartie , Berry, Walls, Trufant, Lacy

FS: Jefferson, Bush

SS: Bell, Allen



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