Scott the Goat on the Chris Johnson Run?

There has been this very odd Rex talk about Scott that has mirrored his unwavering support of Sanchez. We saw it most evident after the Pats game where Scott almost single handedly let that game balloon out of control as the Pats abused him in pass coverage for two huge plays, yet after the game Rex said that Scott should play more. He's had some plays since, and we've seen Scott basically eat up any chance Davis has had of seeing the field. The future of the team is not with Scott, everyone know that, but Scott has been labeled with the "best chance to win" kiss of death vote of confidence.

Below are a few frames from the Chris Johnson run, the play that - despite all of Sanchez's turnovers - I'm sure Rex thinks is the REASON the Jets lost. It is much like Rex to not understand that his defense makes mistakes, often big game defining ones, even when they are playing well, and he does not seem to grasp that Scott is at a center of these more often than not.

Below you can see the play at perhaps its most decisive moment. The most vital element is that Landry has walked up to the line and is jamming the TE who is one supposes his man. This is not a blitz. He does not rush the QB at the snap. He engages and covers him.


The highest red arrow is Harris (I believe). At snap he slides right and covers the guard/tackle hole. You can see it in the next photo. Bell is out of the frame above, but he is shading (defense) right, and from what we can see from the camera on replay it looks like he is responsible for the right half of the field.


In the above you can see Harris (?) perfectly positioned in the hole that looks like it is his responsibility In fact you get a very good sense of how the Jet defense is deployed. Every zone is covered except for where Landry would be. (defense) left. This was the problem on he play. The (defense) left side of the field back end isn't covered, and neither is the middle run zone. Who was responsible?

In the frame below you can see the presnap walk up. Landry goes to cover the TE and you can see him specifically telling Scott that he is doing so.


In the action you can also tell that Wilson is involved somewhat in the communication as he points back to Bell when he backpedals with a very deep drop, his eye then settling on his own man. It seems unlikely that they would give Bell responsibility for the entire back end (though it may be possible). The big question is, who was supposed to cover Landry's position? Because Landry informs Scott my guess is that Scott is supposed to drop back in coverage, but instead he locks onto the QB (perhaps?) and just gets completely lost on the play. Is he just minding his gap?

People possibly responsible appear to be...

1. Scott (not covering Landry)

2. Wilson (not covering Landry)

3. Landry (not supposed to be at the line on the TE)

4. Bell (did not realize he was the solo back end cover).

In any case Bell was slow to react to Johnson's breakout and the Jet defense left a gaping hole right in the middle of the field, and all the Titans needed was three blockers against 2 at the point of attack.

Would love to know what the rest of you saw in this play.

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