Week 15 Picks


Last week GGN member J-Nasty disagreed with four of my picks. He was right on all four. To paraphrase Pedro Martinez, there's nothing I can do but tip my cap and call J-Nasty my daddy.

Below are my picks for this week.

Cincinnati over Philadelphia

The Eagles have shown some fight on the road in the last two weeks, but I still don't think they're a very good team. This game has letdown written all over it.

NY Giants over Atlanta

The Falcons aren't playing well, and I trust the Giants a lot more when they're the underdog than when they have a game that looks like an easy win.

Denver over Baltimore

The Broncos are on fire. The Ravens are not and made what feels like a panic move firing their offensive coordinator and replacing him with Jim "Timeout" Caldwell.

Green Bay over Chicago

I think we may look back at Chicago's loss to Houston as one that changed that team's season.

Washington over Cleveland

This video says it all.

Houston over Indianapolis

The Texans are going to be one angry team after Monday's disaster in Foxborough. I think they take it out on the Colts.

Miami over Jacksonville

After what I saw from them last week, I'm not sure I'd pick the Jaguars over a single team in the NFL.

New Orleans over Tampa Bay

In a meeting of a pair of teams in freefall, I'll go with the Saints because they are at home.

Minnesota over St. Louis

St. Louis has gone on a run with a popgun offense and some nice defensive play. Their defense is running into Adrian Peterson this week.

Detroit over Arizona

On second thought, I'd probably take Jacksonville over the Cardinals.

Seattle over Buffalo

It's that time of year again, Buffalo's season-ending swoon.

Carolina over San Diego

Cam Newton is hot right now, and I think the Chargers used up their big effort last week.

Pittsburgh over Dallas

This is set up for a big bounce back game for the Steelers. Plus Dallas just had a very emotional win. I think Kansas City showed us last week how difficult it is to get up for a second straight week.

Oakland over Kansas City

It's a flip of the coin. I'll take the Raiders at home.

New England over San Francisco

When I picked Houston last week, I forgot this is the time of the year when the Pats look unbeatable.

NY Jets over Tennessee

How could I pick against the Jets in this one?

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