Some ideas for the future

I have been reading stuff here about how we need a new , well basically everything from GM to waterboy but is it realisticto think we can get rid of all our problems for the start of next season .

We need to calm down , take a look at what we can fix and build for the future . The problem going forward is lack of talent combined with a bad cap situation . We are never going to solve both in 1 year but we can improve our potential to solve it in year 2

My idea's on building a team starts with a new GM , HC ,OC and QB coach . They would be the most urgent needs on the team as i see it . I'm not going to speculate names of guys i'd like to see us sign in those areas as this would defeat the purpose of this post .

Next thing i'd do would be to admit that next season will be a rebuilding year to all jets fans and that Sanchez will be our starter again next year . His contract means we can't cut him , and because of his contract we can't sign a good FA to replace him . Also we have seen Sanchez can get us wins with a better run game and i see that as far more important a need in year 1 . Also if Sanchez sucks again next season we will have a higher pick in 2014 , when better replacements could be drafted . Cutting him after next year also saves us $8m in cap space

Next i would try and build a more dominant line on offence . We have 3 big needs at both G positions and at RT . I would try and solve this through this years draft . I am a big fan of the North Carolina run game and they have 2 lineman in the top 50 prospects for the draft ( Jonathan Cooper OG and Brennan Williams OT ) and i would try and draft one of those guys in the 2nd round . Either of those should be a starter from day 1 and will improve our line play next year .

Next i would look to strengthen the RB position . i would do this 1 of 2 ways .

1 Try and trade David Harris to a team with a need at MLB and have 2 good RB's . If we could get a good RB and maybe an additional late round pick from trading Harris then i would make this move . Harris is also costing $13m in cap

Or 2 Use a 3rd round pick on a RB in the draft .

Next i would strengthen our defence with our 1st round pick . I'd go Te'o if we trade away Harris , otherwise its OLB on NT with our 1st pick . Possible guys includeJarvis Jones ,Barkevious Mingo ,Sam Montgomery ,Bjoern Werner and Star Lotulelei .

For the rest of the draft i'd go BPA to give us as much new building blocks as possible .

I haven't solved all the problems the team has but at least we have a fighting chance to get back sooner rather than later . Feel free to comment , thanks

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