Sorting out the 2013 NFL QBs...

QB positions in play---Buffalo, New York, Cleveland, Jacksonville, Kansas City, Dallas (?), Philadelphia, Minnesota (?), Arizona.

Veteran QBs in play---Ryan Mallett, Mark Sanchez, Tim Tebow, Tony Romo (?), Mike Vick, Joe Webb, Alex Smith, Matt Flynn.

Rookie QBs in play---Geno Smith, Matt Barkley, Tyler Wilson, Landry Jones.

Play the match game! ;o)

& a look ahead, with General Manager & Head Coaches included---AFC today...NFC later if anybody wants it---

Buffalo Bills---Buddy Nix (safe?), Chan Gailey (safe?!?), & Ryan Fitzpatrick---this regime is so creaky, from the owner & GM on down, I wouldn't be surprised if they go status quo. But I really think Gailey is gone, & Fitzpatrick follows him.

Miami Dolphins---Jeff Ireland (should be gone, gets one more year if the 'Fins finish strong), Joe Philbin, & Ryan Tannehill---It all might just be above-average, which is amazing for a dynamic/show biz-y town like Miami. & how does the baseball team get a new stadium before the football team? That will never make sense, & will make even less sense in 10-30 years. Know any kids who really like baseball?

New England Patriots---The Belichick & Brady show continues. Will they trade Mallet to a desperate team? Will they think Tebow is a more faulty Steve Young?

New York Jets---Mike Tannenbaum (gonzo), Rex Ryan (gonzo?), & Mark Sanchez---I think Rex is out, though Tannenbaum might be the sword-faller. Because of that contract (& the lack of talent constantly surrounding him), Sanchez may be back. But I'm calling everybody out right now.

Balitmore Ravens---Ozzie Newsome (HOF GM...except for drafting QBs & WRs), John Harbaugh, & Joe Flacco---Flacco quite possibly just above-average forever.

Cincinnati Bengals---Mike Brown (internal review!), Marvin Lewis (safe, in perpetuity?) & Andy Dalton---See above, minus a degree or two.

Cleveland Brown---Mystery GM (with Joe Banner as President for a while), Pat Shurmer (gone), & Brandon Weeden---Weeden probably stays, with a challenger.

Pittsburgh Steelers---Kevin Colbert, Mike Tomlin, & Ben Roethlisberger. Given the Steelers Way, all are here for a while. Just seems like the Ben Way is unsustainable, injury-wise, going forward.

Houston Texans---Rick Smith, Gary Kubiak ,& Matt Schaub. From mediocrity to a juggernaut. But I think this year proves if they're Truly Mediocre. That said, this year probably buys everybody 3-5 more years.

Indianapolis Colts---Ryan Grigson, Chuck Pagano, & Andrew Luck. Grigson gets 3-5 years even with the mercurial scion in charge (Twitter-son Irsay), hopefully Mr. Pagano's around for a good long while, & obviously Luck is your QB for the next 15-20 years.

Jacksonville Jaguars---Gene Smith (gone), Mike Mularkey (safe one more year), & Chad Henne. Yeah, I think Henne's banished Blaine Gabbert to David Carr-land. That said, I really see this being a Mularkey/Henne/Tebow show next year. Mularkey's in no position to refuse Tebow now, & if you're the owner, why not milk the Tebow-worship for ticket sales, give the kid the best chance he's gotten, & if he goes bust (as 85% of people seem to think he will), you're richer, you made the Northern Florida fans happy...& now you're in L.A. sharing a stadium with the Chargers.

Tennessee Titans---Mike Reinfeldt, Mike Munchak (gone), & Jake Locker. Reinfeldt I guess is safe, though 'ol Bud may just keep everybody or fire them next week, who knows (Bud sure doesn't). Munchak was a try to keep the "Fisher Magic " (?) alive, but he was always an uninspired hire. I think Locker gets 2 more years.

Denver Broncos---John Elway (owner-in-waiting), John Fox, & Peyton Manning. One of the wildcards---all things considered, Elway's going the Newsome route, in terms of a HOF player being a very good GM (incredibly rare), though it's still early. It does bear witnessing that all of the Broncos' skill players were drafted by Joshie McDaniels (Moreno, Thomas, Decker). John Fox has always struck me as the epitome of high-class mediocrity, but frankly the Broncos needed that sort of workmanlike steady hand. & Manning may play another 5 years or 5 games. & then the Osweiler Era commences (?!?).

Kansas City Chiefs---Scott Pioli (gone by fan riot), Romeo Crennel (gone...& 65 years old. Who knew?), & Brady Quinn (?). Matt Cassel is a 2nd stringer, Quinn a 3rd. This team is your Matt Barkley/Geno Smith destination.

Oakland Raiders---Reggie McKenzie (owner-by-proxy, till Amy Trask says so), Dennis Allen (almost as mediocre as his old boss Fox?), & Carson Palmer. I think Palmer gets one more year, esp. considering the investment the new San Jose Wal-Mart manager Hue Jackson paid for him. Dear lord, nothing to see here. 2014 Terrelle Pryor/Matt Leinart death match!

San Diego Chargers---A.J. Smith (probably gone), Norv Turner (next year's OC genius elsewhere), & (a quickly washing up) Philip Rivers. Having lived in San Diego for 6 years, I know how well Smith drafted for a while---& how he'd always piss those great players off come free agency time. His welcome is worn, Norv's was worn 2 years into his Redskins tenure, & Philip just seems to be both non-clutch & less & less talented. L.A. awaits---you keep the erstwhile S.D. fans, while yet another scion owner bathes in (more) riches he didn't earn. A pretty premiere spot for a coach/G.M., & I think Rivers gets two more years. & then it's the Shad & Spanos show in the sunshine...

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