High Crimes & Misdemeanors-The Case to Impeach Tannenbaum

Let's Delve Into The Vault of Past Crimes. Without going into a long list of the personnel moves that have brought our beloved team to this lowly state we can focus on just one. There are many instances of bad behavior; lets just start with an especially egregious incident of gross incompetence. The 2009 NFL Draft.

Case in Point-The 2009 Draft- In case you don't remember, the Jets did a lot of draft day dealing and ended up with a draft that consisted of 1. Mark Sanchez (1st round) 2. Shonn Green (3rd round) and 3. Matt Slouson (6th round). If they had only stayed pat with their first three selections, they could have had 1. Josh Freeman QB (1st round) 2. LaSean McCoy RB (2nd Round) and 3. Mike Wallace WR (3rd Round) with a whole host of picks yet to come. Later picks spent on players like Brian Hartline (4th round), Johnnie Knox (5th round), Julian Edelman (7th round) or even Arian Foster (undrafted). The Jets still could have had Slouson (for what he's worth) in the 6th round anyway. Instead, we came away with a short draft with questionable long-term prospects for quality players.

As further evidence of player evaluation incompetence I will be calling the following witnesses:

1. Jonathan Vilma

2. John Abraham

3. Santana Moss

4. Leon Washington

5. Jericho Cotchery

6. Brad Smith

7. Danny Woodhead

8. Dwight Lowery

9. Kerry Rhodes

I rest my case.

Like any good prosecutor, I have a litany of charges against the ongoing criminal enterprise known as the Tannenbaum regime. If I don't convict them on this one, there are plenty more (Brett Favre anyone?) where this came from. The true tale of how my neighbor Jericho Cotchery came to leave the Jets should be enough to have Tannenbaum thrown into the NFL dungeon to spend ten years shining Roger Goodell's shoes.

None of the players listed here were any good were they? I'm not even going to bother to call Howard Green who was fitted for a Super Bowl ring after being cut by the Jets. It takes several years of incompetence to make a team really bad. That's just what we have here. Multiple instances of front office malfeasance. With all of the bad moves that have been made, I would argue that 2009 really set the stage for where the Jets are at now. I think the Jets would have made the playoffs and the AFC Championship games with either Sanchez or Freeman playing QB and would have been an even more talented squad if Tannenbaum didn't try to out-think himself in the draft. It's time for him to go, or at least be relegated back to the role of cap man. The Jets would certainly have a lot brighter future ahead if not for the bumbling Mr. T.

Unfortunately, we're looking at a "blow-up" scenario right now with two or three years of, excuse the expression, rebuilding.Ugh. I can't take going back to the bad old days. Its hard enough to realize we need to live through the rest of this season, let alone a couple of dismal years to come. It's not made any easier by having to watch the Giants and Patriots continue to be successful.

If the fan base has to suffer through this nightmare scenario, then someone (other than the fans) has to pay. I've already vowed to cease to function as an ATM for Woody Johnson. Its time for a major change. Its time for the fans to demand change! I'm too old and I've had to sit through too much bad football to wait any longer. Mr. Johnson-Fix This Now!

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