Buttocks. Or how an ass defines a player and the year 2041.

When Mark Sanchez retires from pro-football he will be remembered for two things.

One, for being scared shitless by a Cowboys CB while lining up as a..receiver in last year's game against Dallas. That scene has been making the YouTube rounds ever since then as a laugher.

Two, the infamous scene last night. Mark, on a broken-up play, takes off with the ball (oh dear...) and goes crashing with intense enthusiasm right into Moore's ass. In doing so, he proceeds to fumble the ball (excuse my shock) and create one of the most hilarious football blunders of all time.

When Mark Sanchez retires he will not be explicitly remembered for being a horrible QB. Why should he be? The NFL has seen a huge share of bad QBs over the decades. Sanchez is one more in that category. In the year 2041 noone will remember him for being inadequate as a professional QB, the list is too big for Mark to stand out, and there have existed (arguably) other QBs that were even worse than him. But, he will be remembered for the aforementioned two plays. People will be still watching them on YouTube in the year 2041, these two plays will still be essential parts of hilarious NFL-blunder compilations. Mark Sanchez has his legacy already ensured.

The already known as "the ass fumble" has made history even if it's just a few hours old as I write this fanpost. Rightfully so. It's very characteristic for what Sanchez has brought to the NY Jets in his tenure. And that is constant game-breaking gaffes that gift the victory to the opposing team. More often than not it's not limited to one per game, Mark's blunders usually come in bunches. It's equal to the consistency and reliability of a Swiss watch but in negative mode. Once the Jets hit the redzone any fan with a clue is biting their lips every time Sanchez drops back with the ball.

Will he again miss wide open receivers begging for the ball in the endzone? Will he try to force the ball in some super-tight (or already closed) window resulting in an interception that gets happily run back for 93 yds and a TD? Will he fail to anticipate or feel the pressure resulting in a sack and fumble that also gets run back for a TD or shifts the momentum dramatically? Or, to add a new weapon in his repertoire, will he seek the nearest ass like a heat-seeking missile and go crashing in it head-first? It's pretty much become a standard and we may yet see further expressions of Sanchez-esque football the longer he plays with the Jets. By now, not much would surprise me really.

Any discussion around that or about that is by now (or should be) pointless. Yes he doesn't have the top-caliber WR corps of the NFL. But even with these receivers he does have he should be doing easily better. Mark Sanchez is costing the Jets games on his own, and that is a fact. Yes, concerning last night, he can't be individually responsible when the Jets give up a whopping 49 points, but he is massively accountable for killing his own team with classic Sanchez-like turnovers in the most critical part of the game, turnovers that shifted the tide, the score, the game itself. Permanently.

Then there is Rex Ryan.

The whole situation with Rex is not as simple as some Jets' fans make it out to be. It's a bit more complicated than that. When Ryan says that Sanchez (yes, that Sanchez, the one I was talking about above) gives us the best chance to win he is accurate. Accurate how? Well, he obviously thinks that Tebow is, unbelievably, worse than Sanchez. Many fans (I, included) believe that too. That leaves only McElroy in the discussion, and obviously Ryan (and the rest of the Jets' coaches) are the only ones that have a detailed opinion on whether he would be an improvement over Sanchez. Apparently, they don't believe that. And we? Well, we may never know, but we can and are debating it constantly.

Ryan can be criticized about a series of things, but we can't seriously debate that he's so dumb that he can't see what every casual Jets' fan is seeing, namely that the Jets offense is a joke. Of course he sees that. Everybody is seeing that. The way the situation is shaped right now, it cannot be fixed. He has (he believes) no viable alternatives plus he is stuck with Sanchez for next year as well since he was given an extension. His plan about grounding and pounding has not worked since Greene can not carry the role of the RB that would give substance to such a plan. His alternatives there? Powel who was used last night, McKNight who contributed yet another critical fumble in last night's disaster. One can say that whoever evaluated these RBs as being adequate for a "ground & pound" scheme was dead wrong. Ryan included.

Fact remains, that, as things stand this offense cannot be fixed. Even next year, assuming we will have to suffer with yet another year with Sanchez as the QB the improvements can only be made at the RB positions, or at the receiver positions. But, when your QB is that bad, the improvement will be minimal.

Lastly, and because of all that, I don't take what Ryan (or any coach for that matter) says at press conferences too seriously. I'm not saying I ignore it. But I take it with a pinch of salt. Certain things cannot be adressed with journalists even if the HC agrees with their premise (i.e the QB sucks) because it's the coach that has to go back to his team and deal with the stir his comments will create. Whether he should publicly call out a player is a matter of philosophy. Some coaches believe that it's beneficial (it creates accountability on a different level), other coaches do not (it creates a rift between the coach and his players because of being embarrased publicly). There are arguments for both sides of the story, and we know which approach Ryan favors.

This is how I view the current Jets debacle at this point. It's not pretty, it's in fact seriously ugly. I'm trying to keep calm and see things with as much composure as I can. After all, I've witnessed the Kotite years, so I'm seriously seasoned If you know what I mean.

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