Jets Playoff Picture: Could Win Wildcard (even Division?)


The above is from the best Playoff hunt site I know, the CBS Playoff Hunt page. The remaining schedule and tie-break advantage (yellow) are available on hover.

I"m sure someone will do a much more thorough job of this, my eyes glaze over at those complex scenarios usually. It is enough to say that if the Jets beat NE next week (short week, Gronk out) there is a possibility that the season could be salvaged. Not so much because the Jets are good, but that everyone in front of them have very losable games, face each other, or is someone the Jets face.

NE faces Houston and SF at home, the Jets on the road and two games against rival Miami. If we beat NE it is not inconceivable that they lose 2 (or even 3?) games out of those 4. (Gronk is out).

Indy has home and away games with Houston (though the home game may not matter for Houston as it is the last game of the season). They are also at Detroit, and host TEN (so one of those teams will have a loss). Jets have tie-breaker.

Pitt has the tie breaker over the Jets who they beat. But they host CIN and SD, distributing two losses among the three teams.

Cincinnati is at Pitt (I think we want a Pitt win) and hosts Baltimore (last game of the season, may not matter).They are also at San Diego which means one of those teams is fixed for a loss.

SD host BAL and CIN (I think we want an SD win here), is at Pitt (right now pulling for a Pitt win I think) and at the Jets.

TEN hosts HOU and are at GB. They also at IND (I think we want a TEN win there) and host the Jets.

There are probably others that see this much more clearly than I do, but the games the Jets have to win are next week are the two at home vs. NE and SD, and on the road at TEN and probably the last game at BUF. Perhaps they can have one more loss (JAX, AZ?). I'm not sure what the tie breaker would look like against NE if we tie them, It looks like it would take a NE Jet loss and 2 Miami losses which would be unlikely.

The only problem in this whole scenario for me is that I am definitely not on the Sanchez bandwagon after the Rams game, as it seems several people are. He mostly played game manager which we know he is not good at. He had a decent game (did get stripped early though), with him it is about not being able to maintain accuracy and game awareness. It seems like a huge long shot to imagine that Sanchez is not going to make at least 2 game losing mistakes. With another QB I might be more sanguine about our chances, given the other schedules.

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