The Bargain Bin: what under the radar running backs should the Jets scout in the second half?

Here's one word to describe Jets fans: optimistic. We're optimistic in the sense that we're always looking to a better year next year by the bye week! Disclaimer: The Jets never actually get better the following season, this "optimism" is actually a socially acceptable form of delusion. That said, onto the actual substance.

I like Marshall's, a lot actually. It's the place where I can go and buy things from Express and the Gap that I can't afford with real life money. The Jets should like the bargain bin also, because they spend an egregious amount of money in ridiculous places and on terrible players. This coming off season, there's a nice class of WR's and RB's who could be on the Jets radar. We know what the Jets needs are, we harp on them just aboot (that's Canadian for about) every day. So who can the Jets send some scouts to pay less than full admission to check out?

If there's one thing for certain it's this: RB's are volatile. They're like filling an airship with hydrogen, I mean who would ever think that's a good idea, huh?. On top of that, a lot of the backs in this free agent class aren't "top tier" backs. I'm very doubtful the Jets would make a play on Steven Jackson or Rashard Mendenhall. But there are some other backs who could be worth an audition.

Felix Jones

Look, I understand that Felix Jones is a mixed bag. I constantly hear from my Cowboys fan friends that he makes the Jets backs look like Curtis Martin. I don't think that's nearly the case though. The thing with him is that there's a great discrepancy between his running and receiving numbers. As a runner, he's at -10.3% efficiency, and a projected 4 yards below average, but as a reciever he's at +12.6% efficiency, with a projected 24 yards above average. That's a good number for a back with as few touches as he gets. What's it tell us though? That he's not devoid in athleticism. If one thing is also true, the Dallas o-line is poor at 21st. We know that the Jets blocking scheme has been good for Shonn Greene, so for a guy in Jones who is more athletic, it could be eye opening. Also, there's been news today that Jones has been nursing injuries the whole season that weren't exactly...official.

Chris Ivory

This is one that I've seen tossed around on GGN a few times. Here's the thing with Ivory: he's had success, and he's athletic as heck, but he's been hurt. Not just upset tummy, like really hurt. It becomes an issue at that point if you want to gamble on a guy who hasn't been healthy in a year and a half. But does that help the Jets? There's lots of leverage there. The Jets could get Ivory at well below market value, but you also have to wonder if that's the kind of high risk move Tanny or the next guy wants to make with the Jets having so many other needs. Throwing money down the crapper is senseless, but Ivory has a solid track record for a backup. He was at 10.4% efficiency and was looking at 64 yards above average before he got hurt. Another issue is that he's an RFA.

Reggie Bush

This is painful to type. I've literally had no affection for Bush, ever, at any point in time. I didn't like him at USC (cheater) and I don't like him in the NFL, but it would be wrong of me to say that the Jets shouldn't take a look at him, because the reality is that he has the tools to be successful. That's all, before I vomit. He's also probably not going to be bargain basement.

Jonathan Dwyer

Dwyer is a guy who intrigues me, and not necessarily in a good way. He's interesting because I can't tell if he's average or poor. He's a depth guy at best it seems, and it's pretty odd because despite having two 100 yard games this year, he statistically profiles as being below average. So I decided to take a look at some film, and you know what I figured out? Almost all of his yards came on unbelievably well blocked plays. Every. Single. Run. He had a hole every time. That said, the one thing he has going for him is that he's quick. I saw a few plays versus the Bengals where he was shaking tacklers with just a slight hesitation because of his speed. That said, I would prefer a rotting Halloween pumpkin than him.

Mike Goodson

Goodson, in my book, needs to be on the Jets radar. His sample size may be small but his numbers are huge. So far this season? 27.7% efficiency rushing, and 123.4% receiving. That's not a misprint, 123.4%. From the minimal amount of film I could find on Goodson, he does a solid job of shaking tacklers, and has a fantastic cutback move. When he gets out on the edge, he appears to be sneaky as well. Again, I haven't seen enough of the Panthers or Raiders to really make an assessment (any help appreciated) but you have to be doing something right to put up crazy numbers like that.

So those are a few bargain basement backs (ok maybe not all of them, but the Jets should check these guys out) that the Jets could take a look at next season. Tell us what you think about these guys or add your own!

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