Potential coaching candidates in case Rex gets axe?

Many, including myself, would like to see the GM and the head coach be fired at the end of the year if this trend continues. If this happens, who are some possible candidates to take Rex's spot? Here's a few guys that I like.

Rob Chudzinski- Offensive Coordinator, Carolina Panthers

Despite Carolina's falling offense, I think Chudzinski is head coach material. It's said that he is not only a hard worker but he's very smart. He coached 3 1st round TEs while TE coach at The U in Bubba Franks, Jeremy Shockey, and Kellen Winslow. In 2007 he ran a top notch offense in Cleveland with Derek Anderson at QB (impressive IMO), and last season he took a Panthers offense that was dead in the water, with a rookie with no offseason, and made it into a great unit. I think some of the daring and innovation has been missing, but the coordinator cannot make the QB hit the plays. He has a large playbook and uses a lot of formations, which I like, especially his use of bunch formations and trips formations. He is said to be very smart but also a very hard worker.

Chip Kelly- Head Coach, Oregon Ducks

Kelly is held in high regard because his offense and tempo are tailor made for the college game, but some may question if he can make the leap to the pros. I believe he can. Kelly is a very smart guy, and when he had receiving talent on the team he did tailor the offense a bit to utilize them. Interestingly, however, he started off his coaching career coaching defense and served one season as a defensive coordinator in Johns Hopkins, so it's possible that he is one who can appreciate both sides of the ball. It's been said that Kelly has great organizational skills and one NFC exec has said that Kelly runs the best practice he has ever seen. His offense would have to be altered, but the New England Patriots have shown that you can alter spread concepts for the pro game. We've also seen John Fox and Mike McCoy in Denver go from a pro-style offense to a Tim Tebow offense almost instantaneously. Coaches can be adaptable. If Kelly does run such a great practice, it would explain why Oregon almost never looks flat or unprepared, even in losses. That would be a welcome departure from, say, last week where we seemed not to have the slightest idea of how to play the Phins.

Kyle Shanahan- Offensive Coordinator, Washington Redskins

I think Shanahan's star is on the rise with RGIII taking off into stardom. While he can thank RGIII, Shanahan has good bloodlines and a knack for offensive playcalling, not just in Washington but also in Houston. He's had some hiccups early in his Washington tenure (like the season under McNabb), but he's rebounded very well. I'm not entirely sure I'm completely on board with a guy who is younger that Sione Pouha, but I like the bloodlines.

Others I'm interested in:

Perry Fewell, DC, New York Giants

Winston Moss, DL/assistant HC, Packers

Bill O'Brien, HC, Penn State

Brad Seely, ST Coordinator/assistant HC, San Francisco


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