How I would fix the mess during the bye.

The tipping point is pretty much right now. We are 3-5 with 2 losses in our own division. We are hurting, and hurt. But as the great Bluto would say.... When the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor...Well it ain't over.

Either way, we have a ton to fix coaching wise and personnel wise. I'm going to put a few things down that need to be addressed, but I'm really interested in what you guys have to say. Difficulty: No trading Sanchez or Tebow, because one it's beyond doubtful it will happen and two well it makes things interesting to figure out a way to get it worked.

So here's my things to do:

First off: time for Rex and Sparano to have a come to Jebus moment. They must figure out what is this offense and what do you want it to be? The plan has not worked. It seems as if we go with the throw crap on the wall and see what sticks method of playcalling. A great throw by Sanchez is followed by Tebow jam up the middle for a yard. A 10 yard run from the wildcat is followed by a Greene up the middle run for a yard...etc. It's time to figure out a game plan that does not seem to have a purpose. That's step one, come up with a legitimate game plan. Set up your drives and not individual plays. When something works, stick with it. When it doesn't find something and repeat the last step.

Secondly choose someone: Either Slauson or Ducasse has to get the job. Enough of the swapping in and out. Throw your confidence behind one and stick with him. Ducasse has seemingly made progress, I'd rather go to him first, but hey it's just me. Just don't keep the carousel moving. Arguably this is high, but I think the Oline needs to start playing like a unit and this would help them start that process?

Third: Can we figure out a good way to open holes for Greene or the running game in general? Look at the plays in Miami when he had a hole, he busts 4-5 yarders. When he gets nothing it's a yard. How many plays did the Jets have someone in the backfield around Greene's ankles? For that matter, if Greene is between the tackles guy can we hole start using Mcknight or Powell a lot more once they come back outside? We know Mcknight was drafted to be that home run guy. How about letting him step up to the plate more than on kickoffs? So once again, figure out what the running game is all about and get the Oline on the same page.

Fourth: Get stick'em lots of it for Hill. Or make him catch 100 passes every day until he doesn't drop one.

Fifth: Remind Sanchez that this is playoff territory. It basically becomes that. Maybe he steps it up...

Sixth: Rex and Pettine must figure out the running defense. There's just way too many issues. Is it slow linebackers? The line getting no rush? Either way, figure it out now. You have time, so let's get that sorted. You have what you have, make it work.

Seventh: Find a way to get the pass rush going. Maybin has been in witness protection program this season. Coples looks good on some plays but not on them all. Find something that works and stick with it.

Lastly: Use Tim Tebow other than decoy or a tebow slam on offense. He's like having a missile without any guidance system. Find a way to get him in the game plan more than he is now. Or find a way to make his 5 plays have a good impact on the game.

That's all I got, did I forget or miss something? (FYI for everyone wondering why Sanchez wasn't mentioned more, I think at this point you really can't do much, just hope he has a good streak and if he sucks again, it's tebow time)

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