The Heartbreak of being a Jet Fan

I have posted a few posts over the last few years. I have seen the Jets come close over the years and be truly awfull. The last few Years since Rex came along I thought we were finally going to get back to the Big game. I got to see super bowl 3 I was young but I remember watching with my dad. Over the years I followed and watched the Jets regardless of where I lived.

I didn't understand what Mike Tannenbaum was doing with his restructuring over the last few years. When he asked all those players to restructure so we could go after Nambi I thought that was smart to get a great player. We didn't get Nambi but the deals stayed retructured. Now next year we have a bad situation with the salary cap. Some of it will take care of itself. Jason Smith will probably be gone or restructured. We have the Holmes problem and now the Sanchez problem. I didn't understand the Sanchez deal when they gave him an extension. He had okay stats but nothing worth an extension. If anything he was not progressing but actually regressing. Holmes I thought got way too much money.

Next year we don't know whether Holmes will be back or not. When Revis comes back I'm sure he will be fine. He has an excellant work ethic as far as taking care of himself and this should be no different. But guess what next year is the last year of his contract. He won't hold out because that would trigger the 2 year extension. We can't afford to pay him what he wants. I believe its time to cut the dead wood and start a rebuilding program that will see the Jets become a great team again.

It needs to stat at the top and encompass the entire team. Fire Tannenbaum and Ryan. I love Rex but lets face it he didn'y know about the problems with the offense last year and seems to have the same problem this year. Some of the biggest problems on offense were not addressed at all. Lets let the older players retire gracefully at the end of the year and rebuild with the few good younger players that we have. Let them play this year and learn their craft.

Lets trade Revis and get the 2 first round picks we can get for him before he leaves and we get nothing. I am not wanting him to leave. I think he is a great player, however he is a business man he will not be here after the end of next year. There are several teams that have much more money avavilable than the Jets do. If we pay him what he wants we will never make the super bowl as too many positions will have no depth or even starters.

I realize that this post will draw alot of ire. We need a coach and GM that can draft quality players and then develop them.We have an owner that doesn't really seem to to want to win. He only seems to care about publicity. First he brings in Tim Tebow and now he is pushing for him to start. I didn't see Tim as the answer to this teams problems then and I don't now. The only alternative is McIlroy. While I think he is a good backup he isn't a starter.

What do we do next year. We should have a decent pick in the first round next year. How about we draft 3 linemen with the first 3 picks. Then we can go from there. Once we have the O line in place we can draft a new QB the following year since this years draft will be light in quality QB's. We should have a decent draft pick then as well take a QB and a RB and a WR in the first 3 rounds and we should have a decent offense.

The D line is pretty young with Coples,Wilkes and Ellis. I believe that some of the young players we have in the secondary should work out along with Davis at LB.

I want to be clear. I am not advocating that the Jettank the rest of the year. I just don't believe with the coaching staff and players that are currently on this team that they will have much success the rest of the year. So what do you Jets fans think? Am I full of crap or do I have a point? Does anyone agree with me or do you hink I lost my mind? Just a rambling older gentleman who doesn't know what he is talking about?

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