We lost the SF game on Friday at 6AM PST…

I can pinpoint the exact time when we lost the game. Down to the second! You might sit back and ask “well smarty pants, how can you do that?” my reply would be “because that’s when I boarded my plane in Ontario, California to fly across the country for my 1st ever Jets game”.

I have been suffering from my Gang Green infection since ‘93 and I have had all of the symptoms: Hope where there is none, increased hate for everything from Boston, knowledge that Wayne came way before Wes, uncanny ability to make fun of Eli Manning, helping people understand that I can cuss at my team but there is no reason that they ever should and many many more.

Enough about me though back to the game and exactly why it was my fault that we lost. I was able to use my deductive reasoning to rule some things out as to why we DIDN’T lose and here is what I came up with:

1) It’s obvious to me that Shonn “Icanonlyrunstraightahead” Greene is much better right now than Bilal Powell. You can just look at the stats for that I mean come on, Greene has an awesome 2.8 YPC and Powell only has 3.8.

2) We didn’t lose because of our stellar WR’s! I mean come on its not like Santonio Holmes hurt himself without a defender touching him at all. I don’t think that anyone could see the imaginary Ricky Bobby flames that were on the football that caused our #1 WR to needlessly throw the ball up into the air, I’m pretty sure I saw them though.

3) The loss couldn’t be because of the excellent game plan that our coaching staff put together! I mean come on, who would want to throw the ball in the middle of the field that’s wide open because the LB’s from the other team are all up on the line.

4) Why would you want to blitz? I heard it creates sacks and pressure on the other teams QB and could potentially stop the run but I don’t think that would have mattered. I think that McIntyre leading the team in sacks is pretty cool anyway.

5) Tim Tebow – because every list that has anything to do with football should have Tim Tebow on it, right ESPN?

There were some other observations I saw that were pretty obvious however these were the ones that stood out the most to me. So what can I conclude from this other than what’s the one thing that’s different? I WAS THERE!! I flew my stupid self (along with my lovely girl) 3000+ miles to sit in the stadium only to be the one thing that threw the balance of the team completely off. I want to do something that Tanny and Rex need to do and say Sorry Gangsters I blew it for us, but we will be better I promise not to show up Monday!

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