Cleaning house.....probably won't happen with Woody in charge.

I'm a big believer in drafting talent; however I do also believe in drafting speed. I also think that Mike T. shouldn't be in the position of power that he is in. In my thought Mike T. should be the cap man and that is it. I really do believe with all my being that the Jets need to clean house from the top down. Now don't get me wrong I love Rex but, he is just not a HC. Rex needs to go back to what he knows best and that is defense.Rex is the antithesis of most New Yorkers, bold brash a little bombastic at times. That's a great attitude to have for a DC not an HC.

The Jets owner Woody Johnson has no clue on how to run an NFL franchise. Lets re-phrase he doesn't know how to run a super bowl winning franchise, unlike our crosstown rivals. The Maras have ran a quality operation for many years now. Woody needs to take a page out of their book. Win the super bowl not the back page of the metro area newspapers.

In my opinion the Jets brain trust has gotten a bit of that Belichek thing going on. They think they can coach up anybody. I mean case and point Garrett McIntyre sure he's got a great work ethic and plays hard, but he's slow as ... well you know. In the meantime The FO ignores a player that could have been a Jet, Quinton Groves a proven OLB that can play up down even inside, or how about Jarvis Moss.

The way to fix this can go two ways either you go out and hire Bill Polian and have him reform the FO and coaching staff, or you can get Gruden either way it's a win win in my book. Me personally would rather Polian the guy is money proven winner. Bill has built team after team that has been elite for example the Jim Kelly era Bills, the 95' Panthers, and the Colts.

Just a little food for thought. I went through this past years FA list and this is what I came up with it might be a bit Maddenish; however I do think Magic Mike could of pulled it off, also don't think of penalties against the cap.

C - Mangold / Schlauderaff

G - Slauson / Moore / Ducasse

T - Ferguson / Bell / Howard

TE - Keller / Boss / Cumberland

RB - Lynch / Green / McKnight

FB/TE or H-Back - Tamme

FB - Reuland

WR - Holmes, Desean Jackson, Hill, Simpson, Kerley

QB - Sanchez / Stanton / McElroy

DT/NT - Ellis / Pouha

DT - Langford / Fluellen

DE - Wilkerson / Coples

OLB/DE - Groves / Moss

OLB - Wimbley / Maybin

ILB/OLB - Dequell Jackson / Lofton

ILB - Harris / Davis

CB - Revis / Cromartie / Wilson

DB - Justin King / Cox

FS - Lowery / DeCoud

SS - Landry / Bullitt / Meriweather


PS - Bush, Allen, Harrison, Mauga, Powell, Fletcher, Dowtin, Fendi Onobun, Lonyae Miller

Now I also have a list of some players that the Jets could have had that were cut: Datko, Adcock, Tatupu, Otah, Ballard, Ijalana, and Fanene all players with a lot of talent yet injured should of grabbed them up and either put them on PUP or IR.

let the shredding begin.

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