Where we are, and where we are going.

Hey there everybody.

Like the rest of you, I am still angry, upset, annoyed, furious, etc. with the way the New York Jets played yesterday. For whatever reason, I had this notion that we would come out and actually play well against the Dolphins, that we would stomp them, and go into the bye in a decent position to make the playoffs.

Boy was I wrong.

Anyway, I'm sure there are going to be a lot of posts like this one coming up in the next week or so, seeing as we have a bye, but I figured I would jump the gun and write anyway. The point of a bye week is to reevaluate; to see where your team is, and where it is going. I want to do the same. Without further ado...

Where we are:

3-5, and reeling after an abysmal performance, wherein one of our biggest rivals kicked our tails in our own stadium. Lovely. I know that after a loss such as this one, it is easy to dismiss the entire team as garbage, but lets break things down.

The Defense: The defense has, in my opinion, played wonderfully. When Revis went down in week 3, I thought they would fold and become a liability; instead, they have been brilliant. One thing Rex has done really well is have his defense adapt to a new style of play, one that is more conservative, yet efficient. Cromartie has been a stud, and I am glad we as Jets fans are spoiled enough to have two #1 corners. I truly believe that our offense is holding our defense back, making them play an egregious amount of snaps. I still like Wilson as a slot guy, Harris is till my favorite Jet, and I absolutely love our young guns on defense as well. Wilkerson is going to be a productive player for a long time, and while I wasn't a big fan of Coples when he was drafted, I am really coming around on him. Every game, he knifes into the backfield for a big loss three or four times. The dude can ball.

The Offense: Same old story, right guys? Let me start off by saying this: I am a giant Mark Sanchez apologist. I love Sanchez, I really do. I have his jersey, and I root for him every game, simply because I want him to prove the haters wrong. Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly hard to defend him. He is simply way too inaccurate with the football. Four, five times a game he misses a gimme throw that would lead to a first down and then some. While I believe his pocket presence has gotten better, he still fails to get rid of the ball in a timely fashion, which leads to those strip sacks we all know and love. What is most disconcerting, however, is the fact that rookie quarterbacks are now coming into the league and outperforming our fourth year starter. Think about that. The man is a veteran now, and he is being outclassed by players who are still getting their ears wet. I would love to be wrong about this, but I am starting to believe that he is not the answer. It killed me to type that. To be fair, the Jets have done what no other organization would do, surround their supposed franchise quarterback with distractions and no talent. Look at 2010, when we had a formidable receiving corp. with Braylon, Santonio, Jerricho, and Dustin; Sanchez was at his best then. We could pound the rock at you, then have Sanchez beat you deep with play-action, and it was lovely. Now? We have Jeremy Kerley as our #1 guy. Don't get me wrong, I love Kerley, he's just not a #1 type of receiver. I still believe Hill will turn into a productive player, but his hands right now are made of stone. Our once vaunted running game? Hah! We specialize in two yards and a cloud of dust! It is unfair to say that our offensive woes are all Sanchez's fault. Yes, he has been really bad, and yes I am starting to seriously doubt him, but I think even the best quarterbacks would struggle some in our system. Oh, and Tebow can shove off. I hated the acquisition when it happened, and I hate it more now. The man is useless, and no, I never want to see him as our starting quarterback.

Special teams: Despite yesterdays complete breakdown, Mike Westhoff is still Mike Westhoff. Every year our special teams is seemingly able to keep us in games. One thing that Tebow has done well is run fake punts. Congrats.

Where we are going:

This part is tricky. As I stated earlier, it would be easy for me to just sit here and write about how terrible we are and always will be, but for whatever reason I have this delusional notion that we will, one day, be competent. So here I am, trying to convey my feelings.

Defensively, I feel like we are going to remain very good if not great for a long time. Despite what some people say, we are getting younger and faster. Our D-line, with Coples and Wilkerson anchoring it, is going to be fearsome. Revis, Cromartie and Wilson are still going to be Revis, Cromartie, and Wilson. The signing of Landry has been fantastic, the man is a beast, and he is meant to be a Jet. He exemplifies everything Rex Ryan wants in a player. Pace and Scott, however, have to go. They are too old, slow, and just plain bad. Have Harris coach up Demario Davis, and bring in some fresher legs. I'm tired of watching our LB's chug along after a running back once he breaks to the outside. Speed kills in the NFL, so speed is where we must go.

Offensively, this is going to be the fun part. Let me start by saying this, I don't ever want to see Tebow start for my Jets. I don't dislike the man at all, I just seriously loathe him as a football player. I truly believe that having him start would just further our embarrassment. Maybe Mark isn't the answer. That's fine. That doesn't mean that Tebow is. In fact, our coaches know that Tebow is nothing more than a band-aid, hence why they won't let the man do anything more than a power run.

Unfortunately, I do not like this years crop of quarterbacks. Matt Barkley is another overrated USC product, and no, I am not a believer in Geno Smith or Landry Jones. So lets wait. If the Jets want to start McElroy if things get even worse than they are now, sure, go ahead, but the last thing we need is for Tanny or Woody to jump the gun and draft an incompetent quarterback in the first round, when this team has other, pressing needs.

We really, really, need a right tackle. Seriously. Trade for one, draft for one, build one in a laboratory in Guam, I don't care. It doesnt matter who we have under center, if they are getting blasted every other play, they will not produce. Shonn Greene also needs to go. I don't want to hear about the "Oh I get better with more carries" nonsense. A good back produces from the get go, not after the other team is tired. Other than that? We actually have some decent personnel. Draft another wideout, maybe another tight end (if Keller does not resign), and see where things go. At this point, everything I have just said is speculation, but what else can we do?

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