The rest of the way..

I dont post often but I'm a huge fan of GGN and I come here often to see whats new with my beloved JETS.

My problem is that I love to project on future games. With the randomness of the NFL, it's extremely hard to foresee wins and losses, but I'm going to try my best to predict how the rest of the season will pan out. Join me after "The Jump"....

After a complete win at home vs. Indy my confidence is at an all time high, but I'm also realistic in remembering our horrific games against the top tier teams earlier in the season.

Next week is a huge game for us. If we can walk out of Foxborough with a W, I believe it will catapult us to a Division title. After this weeks dismantling of the Colts, I believe we can use the momentum of this win to our advantage. We got good pressure on Luck and we need to keep that up against Brady. The only way to win this game is to make Brady as uncomfortable as possible. Collapse the pocket and make Brady rush and make the bad decisions he rarely makes. He made some costly mistakes against Seattle (2 intentional grounding calls) which essentially cost the Patriots the game all because of the pressure Seattle brought. There's nothing more that I love then to see Brady looking frightened by defenders coming at him. If you watch him he ducks and gives up, he rarely escapes the pocket and makes bonehead plays like throwing the ball at his O lineman's feet. My favorite play of all time was when Calvin Pace crushed Brady in that divisional playoff game 2 years ago. Anyway, Cromarties play of late has been tremendous and I think he needs to be on Lloyd next week. Hopefully, Kyle Wilson can do his best on Welker to try and contain him. Demario Davis needs to play as much as possible to help in coverage. I hate seeing NE's dink and dunk plays get first downs on 3 and 10s, there's nothing more frustrating. I want to see Landry blow up the tight ends as well.. nothing will make me happier. Offensively, I think we need to take some deep shots down the field to S.Hill/Schilens on play action and run the ball down their throats. I really hope to see Mcknight used in some screens as well as tosses and quick outs. Hopefully we walk out of there 4-3 with 3 divisional wins and a relatively weaker schedule on our way to the playoffs..? PLAYOFFS? talk about playoffs? I know, I know

We have the Dolphins at home week 8.. after our ugly game in Miami we need to show that we are above their level of play. I think we win this game, hopefully not on missed field goals by Dan Carpenter.

At this point we're either 4-4 or 5-3. If by this point we're 3-5, I have no hope for the rest of the season.

At Seattle in week 9. This game flat out scares me. I honestly think we don't win this game. After watching the game today vs the Pats, Seattle looks especially tough at home. Marshawn Lynch is one of, if not the best RB after initial contact and our defense has been having problems with that this year. Braylon Edwards will look to have a big game against us and Russel Wilson is a dynamic QB and one hell of a football player. Our defense needs to step up agains the run and try to contain Wilson as much as possible.

Week 10 we're at St. Louis. Win. I wish we could trade Tebow for Stephen Jackson.

Week 11 we're home against the Pats and if we don't win in Foxborough next week then this is a must win game. I truly cannot predict this game until I gauge us agains the Pats next week. We need to take at least 1 of the 2 games against the Pats .

week 12 we're home agains the Cardinals. I believe if the Bills beat Arizona, then we should too. Look for a big game by Cro on Larry Fitzgerald.

week 13 + 14 at the Jags and Titans. We should win both of these games. The Titans could pose some problems but hopefully we can get some pressure on whoever the QB is and force some turnovers.

week 15 we are home against the Chargers. This game could go either way to me. Over the past few years I feel we've had the Chargers number and have ran the ball well agains them. If we can utilize "Ground and Pound" against the Bolts like we did today vs the Colts we have a good chance of winning. Rivers in like Brady in that he rarely escapes the pocket and has problems making plays on the run. If we can pressure him enough he will make errant throws and we WILL get an interception or 2. Gates will be a nightmare as usual. That being said I'm putting us down for a loss here.

week 16 Bills at home. Could be a tough divisional game against a mediocre Bills team. Like in week 1, we need to expose the Bills secondary with deep throws to S. Hill/Schilens. Also Keller should be utilized throughout the game as well as the Tebowcat. Hell, I'd even let Tebow throw the ball 5-10 times against that secondary. Win, as long as we can stop the run and make Fitzy try and beat us with his slow release.

That brings us to 10-6. Playoffs? I honestly dont think its too far out of our reach at this point. As long as our worst games are behind us and we can build off the momentum of this win, I think we have a shot. This being my first FanPost ever, please dont be too critical of it. LETS GO JETS!

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