How do you build a team?



I'm confused when it comes to the framework of building a franchise. I thought there were 3 schools of thought. You build through the draft, you build through low cost free agency and trades, or some combination of the two. This season we were expected to be 2-3 or 3-2 at best when looking at the schedule, and maybe end up 10-6. The losses don't bother me as much as the curious roster moves. I'll go into detail in a minute, but maybe someone else can explain the things I am not understanding.

Santonio Holmes is gone for the season. Hill pulls a hammy and goes down for multiple weeks. Things are so strange that Terrell Owens is tweeting how desperate the Jets are at wide receiver, and need him. The receivers that are on the roster can't run routes well (Gates, Schillens, Turner), or can't catch well (Gates). Instead of turning to the pretty decent route running, and pretty good pass catching wide receiver that is sitting on the practice squad in Jordan White (who may hold the NCAA record for receptions in a season?), the Jets instead sign Jason Hill to the 4th wide receiver spot. Keep in mind this is a 4th WR spot, not a starting spot. Jason Hill to his credit has 77 catches and 1000 yards receiving, and it only took him 7 years to get those stats!

What is the point in drafting players, if you are going to cut and/or bury them on the practice squad? We're talking about a position of need. We're talking about a player that is sitting on your own practice squad ready to fill that position. It's not even a starting role where a lot would be required, but still he languishes on the practice squad. More curious is the seemingly endless line of former Dolphins players making their way to New York. Clyde Gates is fast but can't run a route, or catch passes that well. There was another guy like that named Ted Ginn Jr. He didn't pan out, and so far Gates hasn't either. Why does this team try to over reach for the height/weight/speed receiver, when they can just get the productive receiver that can run a route, and catch a pass?

Eric Smith hurt his knee again this past week. Darelle Revis has been out for multiple weeks since his ACL injury. It took injuries to 2 players before they finally brought Antonio Allen off the practice squad and all the guy did was make plays in mini camp, training camp, and during the preseason he played solid. The list goes on. Quinton Coples barely played the first few games. Demario Davis hasn't played either, and it takes a season ending Josh Mauga injury to let him see the field.

My point is this. We drafted late round players for depth in case of injury, in an attempt to bring them along and play a little bit. To this point the Jets have cut Terrance Ganaway, while signing a Dolphin RB/FB Lex Hilliard. We dumped the Royce Pollard's and Demarcus Ganaway's, and Eron Riley's who were all speed receivers for Clyde Gates, the speedy wideout that has no purpose. Is it possible to keep the guys you draft, or are already playing for you and play them, instead of signing castoffs from the Dolphins? I'm just saying.

I don't think being a GM is easy, but signing former Dolphins players that were ineffective with the Phins doesn't make sense. Give guys you've scouted and drafted a chance to step up. The constant roster moves for middling players that have never been good is confusing, and irritating. I'm starting to not understand what the phrase ""Play like a Jet" means. Does it mean be drafted by New York, play ok, then be cut?

This team has a pretty good schedule from here on out, and the final 8 games has about 5-6 games that are legitimately in the Jets favor. Its just a matter of getting over the hump of these first 8 games. Please no more Dolphins players from here on out. No more Cromartie, Tebow, weirdness foolery that isn't effective. Use the players on your active roster and on your practice squad and coach them up to where they are in positions to make plays, and this is a still a good team with playoff aspirations. We are not in rebuilding mode, or scrap this mode, or Woody Johnson make headlines for us mode. Please build this team with your own players, and do the unthinkable. Play them.

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