Why I Believe Sanchez is Still Improving, or Why I'm a Sanchez Apologist...

Is it really so wrong to think that if Sanchez had a pair of good NFL starting caliber WR's, a heathy Dustin Keller, and a back similar to TJ in 2009 (instead of 3rd string and practice squad WR's, Cumby, and Greene) that his stats would be better and the Jets would be a more competitive team? It's basically common sense right? Not to some Jets fans it's not...

I will explain what I'm seeing out of Sanchez after the jump...

Only a truly elite QB would have a chance with what the Jets have been marching out there the last 4 weeks. Hell Rogers struggled against the Colts with just one of his WR's out last week and that guy is freaking All World.

Sanchez had been improving year to year (slowly yes, but still improving) until the disaster of injuries started after he lit up Buffalo. Sanchez didn't even have any practice time with his starters during camp, (remember all the Hammy's?) but when they were all on the field in Buffalo he was really good. He even looked great in the Steelers game until he took the helmet to chin shot from Timmons. I honestly have no clue how he didn't get knocked the F out from that shot or at least have a concussion, but he did finish the game. I can kind of forgive a poor performance for the rest of a game after getting nailed like that.

Came back the next week against Miami and should have lit them up. Hill drops a perfect pass in the EZ for a TD, Cumby runs a route too deep and a good throw and easy TD catch for Hill turns into another INT. Gates rounds off his route instead of cutting sharp and turns a good throw into a seemingly ugly pick 6. In the end, he leads not one but 2 come from behind drives and the Jets win the game anyway. People still complain about his game but don't take into consideration other player's mistakes that made him look worse than he actually was.

He's made some stupid mistakes yes, but he's making less of them and making better decisions with the ball. Inexperience at WR and TE have absolutely cost Sanchez better stats, causing drops, turning TD's and other good throws into INT's and a pick 6. These mistakes made by other players will have a tendency to ruin QB stats not to mention kill drives and keep points off the board. Sound like more common sense or is it just me?

Yeah he sucked against the 49ers and so did the rest of the team...every team and every QB will have games where nothing works and everything goes wrong. The Jets happened to have one of those games against a true Super Bowl contender making the whole thing even uglier.

Monday night I saw a better Sanchez against another top D in the Texans. The tipped pass to Kerley turns another good pass into an INT and 3 points for them instead of 3 or 7 for us. Another tipped pass from JJ Watt that would have been an easy TD to a wide open Kerley turns another good drive into 3 instead of 7. JJ Watt did what he does to everyone else on those two plays and we lose 10 points.

What I'm trying to say is that Sanchez has made improvements, but a decimated receiving corp and a non-existent running game have really hurt his stats and obviously (to me anyway) the team's chances to win games.

What I just explained is why I think Sanchez is still improving and still has a chance to succeed as a QB in this league with some actual starting caliber NFL talent around him at WR, TE, and RB.

It all seems like common sense to me, but I am a Sanchez apologist after all...

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