Our 2012 players and their cap value

We have 51 players signed up already for next year but i have done a list of guys we should keep from the list . I will also give a list of our FA's and their status i.e weather they are restricted or not .This post is not an " off season plan" but more of a guide for the readers of GGN to show at what positions we have needs and what cap the positions are taking up . For the purpose of this post i have ommited practice squad players and other low value guys who have not contributed a lot playing wise. Follow me after the jump for all the info


QB : Sanchez $14,253,125 , Mc Elroy $406,288 . Total : $ 14,659,413

HB : Greene $ 799,370 , Mc Knight $ 623,370 , Powell $ 565,125 . Total : $1,987,865

FB : Conner $ 547,870

WR : Holmes $ 9,250,000 , Kerley $ 511,062 Total : $ 9,761,062

TE : Keller $ 1,989,375 , Cumberland $498,788 , Baker $465,000 Total : $ 2,953,163

T : Ferguson $11,651,666, Ducasse $754,370 Total : $ 12,406,036

G : Moore $4,460,418 , Slauson $598,170 , Schlauderaff $465,000 Total : $5.714,588

C : Mangold $5,690,100

DE : DeVito $2,810,000 , Wilkerson $1,562,500 , Dixon $498,120 Total : $ 4,870,620

DT : Pitoitua $1,225,000 ,Ellis $617,500 , Tevaseu $465,000 Total : $2,307,500

OLB : Pace $7,348,333

MLB : Harris $12,000,000 , Scott $5,950,000 , Mauga $498,120 , Bellore $467,333 Total :$ 18,915,453

CB : Revis $11,503,621 , Cromartie $8,250,000 , Wilson $1,764,400 Total : $ 21,518,021

LS : Purdum $498,120

Total 33 players TOTAL CAP $ 109,178,140

As you can see from the above list ,we already have 33 players taking up $109m in cap meaning we still need 20 players (approx) to fill out the roster with only $34m left in cap . Our draft picks should fill 7- 10(approx) depending on compensatory picks of those 20 roster spots and would cost us $5.5m (max) . So that leaves us with between 10-13 roster spots to fill and $28.5m in cap space .

Please note : Smith and Hunter are not in the above list because i see them as the main players needed to be upgraded . However the cap value for each are: Hunter $2.5m , Smith $ 2.05m

FREE AGENTS (unresticted)

Bryan Thomas
Sione Pouha
Jim Leonhard

LaDainian Tomlinson
Robert Turner
Kevin O'Connell
Mark Brunell
Plaxico Burress
Nick Folk
Brodney Pool
Donald Strickland

FREE AGENTS ( restricted )

Marquice Cole
Jamaal Westerman
Patrick Turner
Aaron Maybin
Ellis Lankster

As you can see from the FA's we have , about half of those guys ( 7-8) would be worth resigning and would cost around 12m -15m leaving us with 5 roster spots (approx ) to use on new players and between $13m - $16m in cap space to to sign these new guys .

I hope to above list helps you guys when wondering what cap a player is taking up , if a player is a RFA or an UFA ,what gaps there is in our roster ETC .

Please note most of this list was taken from

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