A disturbing trend

First I want to thank everybody whom been providing mock drafts. I'm not a fan of college football, hence, not having the knowledge to speak on whom the Jets should draft. The mocks have brought me up to speed on who's worth taking a look at. However, like most Jets fans, I know what positions of need should desperately be filled. Please look at the draft history of Rex Ryan tenure with the Jets.
Rnd Name College Note
1 Muhammad Wilkerson Temple
3 Kenrick Ellis Hampton
4 Bilal Powell Louisville
5 Jeremy Kerley TCU
6 Caleb Schlauderaff Utah
7 Greg McElroy Alabama
7 Scotty McKnight Colorado
Rnd Name College Note
1 Kyle Wilson Boise State
2 Vladimir Ducasse Massachusetts
4 Joe McKnight USC
5 John Conner Kentucky
Rnd Name College Note
1 Mark Sanchez Southern Cal
3 Shonn Greene Iowa
6 Matt Slauson Nebraska

This post is not about which pick panned out or not. On the contrary, this post is about the Jets ignoring weakness, while trying to strengthening strengths.

Lets look at 2009

I have no problem with the Sanchez pick, they may have picked him too high, but I believe they really gave up nothing to get him. The Shonn Greene Pick. At the the time The Jets had Thomas Jones and Leon Washington as their running backs. This is an example of strengthen your strengths. It turned out to be a great pick, due to Washington getting hurt during the season, and Greene basically carrying the team during their playoff run. Slauson was also a pick trying strengthening a strength. Since this was Rex first draft, with only three picks, can't say too much about it, but I hope you guys see where I'm going with this.


In 2009 the Jets gave up eight passing TD's all season. They were the number one defense in the league and I believe number one against the pass. That off season, they traded for Antonio Cromartie and drafted Kyle Wilson. Again, this is not how these guys panned out. Its just another example of the Jets strengthening a strength. They also drafted Joe McKnight and brought in LDT at running back. This is after leading the league in rushing in 2009. Add John Conner and Vlad Ducasse, the Jets were gearing up to keep their number one rankings in defense and rushing from the previous year.

What's disturbing is they completely ignored through the draft and free agency the team need for a pass rusher since the majority of their sacks came from their secondary. They also traded away Kerry Rhodes whom wasn't a star, but I believe we all agree was a decent safety who was pretty good in coverage.


IN 2010, the Jets fell from first to third in overall defense. They were still pretty good defending wide receivers and i believe they were in the top five stopping the run. However, teams started to attack the Jets safeties of Jim Leonhard, Eric Smith and Brodney Pool, whom was the starting FS at the beginning of the season.

The Jets wanted to get younger on the defensive line, so I have no problem with their first two picks. Also, the D-line had a poor showing in the AFC CHIP. Again, not judging how the rest of the picks will panned out, the Jets picked another running back and another offensive guard. They did nothing to address the safety issue, in fact made the safeties weaker by trading Dwight Lowery for a cup of coffee. Also, fooled by the fact they finished the season in the top five in sacks, they AGAIN did nothing to address the lack of pass rushers on the team.

So lets recap. The Jets in Rex three drafts have selected two quarterbacks, two wide receivers, three offensive guards, and four running backs. They also traded their best cover safety and best play making safety/corner. While doing these deeds, they have basically ignore glaring weakness like drafting a safety or outside linebacker, nor possibly bringing in or attempting to bring in an elite safety or linebacker.

With this said, can you possibly trust this front office to shore up this team's needs?

Please give me your opinion on this matter.

I also like to add, They did bring in Braylon Edwards and Santonio Holmes, which were great trades, but probably made a mistake keeping Holmes over Edwards. Also, going after Nnamdi was another example of strengthening a strength over fixing a weakness.

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