The Case for Bill Callahan as Offensive Coordinator

Courtesy Wiki:

Under Callahan's guidance, the Raiders led the NFL in passing for the first time in team history and led the league in total offense for just the second time in team history.

During his tenure as not only head coach but also offensive coordinator for the Raiders, the Raider offense led the league in rushing in 2000 and led the league in passing in 2002. In 2002, the Raiders became the first team to win games in the same season while rushing at least 60 times (against Kansas City in a 24-0 win) and passing at least 60 times (against Pittsburgh in a 30-17 win). The Raider offense also set many franchise records during this period, including fewest sacks allowed (28) in 2000, a mark that was broken the following year (27).

Rich Gannon was Callahan's QB at that time and he enjoyed tremendous success under Callahan's guidance (Wiki):

In 2001 and 2002 he won the Pro Bowl MVP award consecutively, a feat achieved by no other NFL player. Gannon won the NFL Most Valuable Player Award after a record-setting 2002 season, throwing for 4,689 yards and 26 touchdowns, which helped the Raiders advance to Super Bowl XXXVII. He led the league with 418 completions on 618 attempts (67.6%).

In 2009 the Jets entered the season with a rookie QB at the helm and Callahan was charged with the unenviable task of designing a "Ground & Pound" running game that not only provided protection for the young QB, but that would also fit the rookie Head Coach's preferable style of play, and which would allow the offense a means of stability and sustainability. That year the Jets led the league in rushing and the team rode that running game all the way to the AFC Championship game.

Bill Callahan has a track record of success in this league. Not only has he been succesful, he's been succesful right here. He has intimate knowledge of the personnel of this team and a synergy with the Head Coach. He was charged with designing a running game to suit the Head Coach's style and to protect a rookie QB, and said running game was the best in the NFL. Callahan also already has a good feel of the NY media. To me, this is a no brainer. And I think Rich Gannon should be his QB Coach.

Gannon has been an MVP in this league. He knows this game and he knows what it takes to perform the duties of the position at a high level. He'll know what Callahan is looking from the position and can impart that knowledge upon Sanchez. Gannon was a mobile QB that struggled for years before finding his groove with Gruden and Callahan in Oakland. He knows about going through the ups and downs, and he knows how to fine tune the craft to get to the level that we all want Mark to be. And more than the X's and O's, he knows how to quarterback. He understands the guys in the huddle, the locker room, the winning and losing streaks, the playoffs... He knows how to shred zone defenses, how to pick up on tells, how to use your cadence, how to dictate pace. He's mastered these things. And he had an intensity, an edge, in his playing days. Maybe Sanchez can pick up on some of that too. I recall Gannon being an absolute perfectionist, often chewing guys out on the sideline over miscues. Sanchez can definitely use some of that.

A Callahan-Gannon offense would be an absolute perfect fit for this team moving forward. Hopefully Rex and Tanny feel the same way.

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