Rising to the Occasion, Positives for the Jets and the future of the team.

I will say this up front. I am neither an expert, nor a stat nut, I don't watch college football and I'm pretty sure I have a few screws lose up in the skull area. So anything here should be taken with a grain of salt, two grains if you are generous. I will warn readers in advance down below to ideas that may be... well crazy, they are meant to be crazy and out of the world. So enough foreplay let's all travel down the rabbit hole that is my mind. If you find any section boring, I put enough space in between sections you can quickly scroll through to the next one.

To start with I won't go into too much detail because I cracked this part open earlier in the week, with positives about how the Jets season progressed despite the failure of not getting into the playoffs. And for most of the season, this is the face I envision when I hear these screams, rants and calling for heads. And I ask you when you read these statements:



So here is a couple of statements that should be spoken in your vision of what that face means, which can be answered with the below links. Remember this is how the Game Threads and this week have been seen by me.




I could go on but its just silly now ain't it?

This is Bobdole's main page article using a list of positives both he and I had come up with at about the same time.


These were the original lists, scroll down 1/4 of the way for them.

So this is the ugly messy section, but I wanted to write it anyway at the very least to at least have some fun.



Free Agent Signings:

Now we know we have needs and the Free Agency has a lot of ways to fill, it, granted not many of the names will be flashy at times but these can be options as fans we should look into when Free Agency opens up in a few months. I won't say who should stay or go, unless I have strong reservations about them.

Right Tackle:

On the roster: Wayne Hunter, Austin Howard, Vlad Ducasse.

Easy answer, get rid of Hunter, the man's a revolving turnstile as many people have called him. Austin Howard, was a pickup before the Eagles game and was kept inactive for the year. He's got a bigger frame than Hunter in weight and height and has two years experience in the NFL, given an offseason he could be in the running for RT with Ducasse.

Possible Signings:

Now again I'm not terribly good at judging talent but there a few tackles that could be grabbed up.

Demetrius Bell (BUF)- is a strong choice, the Bills have a lot of pieces they have to sign in the offseason, including a possibly large contract for Stevie Johnson. He's had some health issues which could limit how much he could get from the Bills or keeping him as a higher priority. He's been a good LT for the Bills, and hopefully he can flip over and be a RT.

This could a hard buy but Tyson Clabo from ATL has been apart of their strong running team at the right side. He'll probably test the market but I doubt ATL lets him walk, though their RG is also a FA this year as well and they both could command a pretty penny for the strong run game they've helped establish.

Jared Gaither (Somewhere), can be a cheap alternative to Hunter, he's been put on another team but injury and question at his production have given him doubts. He could a good challenger to Hunter, Howard, Ducasse.


Mark Sanchez, Mark Brunell, Kevin O'Connell, Greg McElroy

It is fair to assume that at least Brunell will be booted off the team by now, he hasn't done much and would only be saved because he's only a million bucks and a good leader. I predict that he and O'Connor will be off the team. Now we know they aren't going to sign a starter to replace Mark but someone maybe to challenge him and keep him competitive couldn't hurt?

Possible Signings:

Drew Brees- Okay that was a joke but he is a free agent.

Matt Flynn will be poached by someone in dire need of a QB, and he'll be a sucker's buy.

Realistically, if the team was to actually give him a challenge Chad Henne could be on the market if the Dolphins reach for either RG3 or Landry Jones and it would piss Sanchez off enough to put a fire under him. Also anyone on the Steelers depth chart could be brought in to keep Mark honest as cheap alternatives with veteran experience. Brady Quinn, not much of a QB but for a while he was the #2 behind Orton in Denver for a reason.

I refuse to put David Garrard here, he made it clear when he was cut by the Jags that he wants a place where he can be a stater and does anyone honestly think with Sanchez's salary they are going to let him sit behind Garrard?

Running Back:

Greene, LT, Mcknight, Powell

LT will probably be gone. I believe his time has served and will not return to the team. I don't want to go Powell a bust because its too early. Greene and Mcknight will be on the roster and hopefully be the one-two punch, I have more to say about this later. We could make a play for Michael Bush, he'll be cheap enough and he's a bruiser back.

Possible Signings:

Honestly, there isn't anyone I'm personally looking at here but a surprise could be Peyton Hills from the Browns, given their situation and his actions last season. There is also the possibility of trying to fight for Matt Forte, if we want to implode our RB core, but that would be removing LT and either blasting Greene or pushing Powell to the PS/pink slip.

Safety: [takes a shot]

Jim Leonhard, Eric Smith, Brodney Pool, Tracey Wilson, Gerald Alexander

I won't say it, I can't this group of people deserves to be roasted. That being said the pool of FA talent and Drafting potential is about as exciting and explosive as a bunny fart.

Possible Signings:

LaRon Landry and Michael Griffin are the top names we've thrown around, even then they ain't pretty, but they'll do until we find a scarecrow and strap it to a RC car.

Wide Receiver:

Holmes, Plax, Kerley, Turner

When they are playing at their best this could be a good group of wide receivers. Though Plax should go or split time with Kerley as the #3, he's not a burner or someone to take seriously for his speed which has given Holmes more to complain about.

Possible Signings:

This I think we can bang away at in the Draft but here are my ideas:

Braylon Edwards comes to mind already has chemistry with Sanchez, but for whatever reason was given the boot. If he has been humbled and will take a lower payroll this could be an easy fix here.

Other ideas which sound crazy if we don't want to go that way could be something insane and Trader Joe like, I mean Vincent Jackson and Desean Jackson. Both would be powerful additions to the roster, as V-Jax commands double coverage and D-Jax is a burner that could get deep quick, on a Sanchez roll out. In all seriousness, depending on Steve Smith[In Philly], he was a possession kind of guy and could help out and given his injury could be cheaper than he was before this year.

Outside Linebacker:

I won't go into this path, the only worthwhile free agent is Mario Williams and I doubt that the Texans will give him up, even with his injury in the contract year.



Drafting the Jets:

Now this is going to be a temporary list based on who I see listed as declared and should have declared, and I will be giving my opinion on several options that could potentially fall to us at our positions in the first three rounds. Also, I don't just pick one person, but rather a pool of individuals because well, that would imply me drafting for everyone else in the draft and I don't want to do a full mock and insult the other teams with what I think they need.

Pick 16- Trent Richardson, Courtney Upshaw and -grumbles- Mark Barron. Now Courtney was the easy one here but I'm sure a lot of you are surprised by Richardson. Well with Jonathan Martin declaring and being a top 10 LT I could see him being grabbed before us and pushing down new T-Rich. Despite the idea that Running Backs shouldn't be taken in the first, Richardson is an exception, given his power, strength and that he can catch a ball. Upshaw won't be a flashy pick, but he's an every down OLB and he's already 3-4 ready, not a 43 DE being converted. I hate Mark Barron at this selection, I hate it like the plague, I think its too early and he's not a great pick for us, with BPA players out the ass Mark Barron can survive another round. I also had the possibility of Whitney Mercilus here but MTD questions his ability to be a OLB at least until the Combine's drills.

Pick 48- Mohamend Sanu, Vontae Burfict, Bruce Irvin, Mark Barron, David Wilson.

Sanu isn't a burner but he is a great route runner that deserves to be a bit respected, he's athletic and a Spiderman with his ability to catch balls. He will be here and he could solve the Edwards/Plax problem. Vontae Burfict, is trying really hard along with Donta Page-Moss to sabotage himself in the draft order. The Biggest bidders for this psychopath are the Eagles and the Giants, both have glaring needs at MLB, and the Giants are good at beating the bad attitude out of people after a year or so. But Vontae can be Bart Scott's successor here. Bruce Irvin, speedy OLB, good attention across from Maybin for double teaming speed, or to replace him if he doesn't stay. Mark Barron, see above. David Wilson, he will be here as well he could possibly be at 64, as I understand it he is the third best RB in the draft currently and with his passion and flexibility he could be a great compliment to Greene/Mcknight the Fire to the Lightning and Thunder.

Pick 64- Nick Toon, David Wilson, Markelle Martin, Ray Ray Armstrong, Bruce Irvin [All three here are OTs] Ricky Wagner, Matt Reynolds, Bobby Massie.

Markelle Martin and Ray Ray are both safeties we can be looking at here, Bruce Irvin is most likely a third round talent but I had him in the 2nd round in case his combine is impressive. The three OTs are not people I have researched but they are 3rd to 4th round OT talent that will be there when we draft, and could be competition for starting RT, if Hunter isn't improving in the off season. Nick Toon, another tall receiver, has enough speed to do what we need from him to support Holmes and draw some coverage.

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