Why Brian Schottenheimer Has a Good Shot at Landing the Jacksonville Jaguars' Job

He has a pretty good shot to go to the Jags. If your done cursing I'll tell you why.

The Jaguars have said after firing Del Rio, they want two things. A young coach, and they don't want to pay a boatload of money. If you take into account the Jags were top 10 in defense and bottom 3 in offense this is what you get.

1. Jeff Fisher is narrowing down his choices to the Rams and Dolphins. He already said he's not going to be the Jaguars coach, which is one more shot in the bucket for Shottenheimer to get the gig.

2. Shotty was one of the first 3 guys to interview for the job which is going on through this week. He's got a 1 in 3 shot. 33% is better than his odds of calling a good play on 3rd down.

3. The Jaguars had problems filling seats the past couple seasons. They had the lowest player payroll in the NFL. They had blacked out games to get fans to put buts in seats. They were cheap with contracts for players, and staff. They had to spend money just to reach the floor of the new collective bargaining agreement. When you take into account they want a young cheap head coach, because they are a cheap team, it rules out all the big name head coaches. That's another shot in the bucket for Shotty getting the gig.

4. Since the Jags were bad on offense, they are more than likely looking for a coach to put an offensive spark into them. Again this rules out defensive head coaches, and leaves you with very little in the way of offensive guys. Shotty is getting warm.

5. The Jaguars have drafted their quarterback of the future in Blaine Gabbert. Who do we know who has a history of grooming quarterbacks? Shottenheimer (although he is disliked), can say he took an erratic QB, and helped coach him to 2 AFC championship games. Not only that, but Shottenheimer can claim that since he has no final say in player personnel, he helped Sanchez have statistically better seasons year after year, despite having less talent. Schottenheimer is getting hot.

6. The main question the owner and GM will ask. Why did your team flame out this season Schottenheimer? Why couldn't you get your own offense to chug along? Schottenheimer's well rehearsed reply will be "Well sir. I put the guys in position to make plays. They just weren't able to make them. If I were the head coach of the Jets I would have been more disciplinary to get them to play better. However, I was not the head coach. You can bet that if I am head coach of the Jaguars, I will have these players playing exciting, but disciplined football".

7. Schottenheimer has loads of experience as an offensive coordinator. 10 years maybe. He has playoff experience. He has coached superstar quarterbacks, average quarterbacks, and hall of fame quarterbacks. He has coordinated the NFL's #1 ranked rushing offense in 2009, which happens to be the Jaguars bread and butter with Maurice Jones Drew.

Game. Set. match.

Del Rio, Belichick, Billick. All defensive minded, and overpriced for what the Jaguars want to pay. When you add in they want an offensive minded young head coach that they could pay 2 million a year to it's clear that Schotty will jump on it faster than white on rice.

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