What is a Fanshot, and why you should care (Plus MS Paint).

Hi people, i don't usually do these, i'm just getting a little frustrated. Why am i frustrated? Well you see, some people spend some time making what we call on this site "Fanshots". It appears that many of you either a) ignore fanshots b) don't care c)think we smell or d) don't know what or where these "fanshots" are. Since most fanshots don't get more then a couple of comments, i am here to spark interest and enlighten those who have no idea what the hell i'm talking about. follow me after the Jump.

What is a Fanshot? How do I make one?

A Fanshot is, according to this very site's founder:

FanShots are not your own thought. They exist so that you can share the work of others whether it be a link, a quote, a video, or a picture, with others

Lets say you saw a cool story the other day, relating to the jets or any other football related thing that you found interesting. If you want to share it with others, make a fanshot. You will find the "link" option suitable for posting links. dvdvil gets most of the links, but if you find one that he did not put up, feel free.

If you saw an interesting quote, like "rexthejet is awesome, Seinfeld is the best show ever", post it in the quote portion in fanshots. remember to post the link or source on the bottom, i think you have to do that.

A video you found on YouTube you found interesting? Post in the video section. to post the video, you are going to need the embedded html. if you click on the video, you might get it. Some video's don't have it, it seems.

If you have a thought you want to share a quick thought, something that would be a small fanpost, put it in the "chats" catagory.

If you saw a funny picture, something you saw somewhere, like this one posted by darshv3:


i think most of us find this funny or revolting.

Another thing that Fanshots can be used for are ms paints.

What are MS Paints? How do i make them?

MS is short for Microsoft. i assume most of you are currently using one, so finding the paint shouldn't be exceedingly difficult. What is a MS Paint you ask? I present to you some of the finest work by our GGN members:

Bro Namath trying to make out with Suzy Kolber-By CervesaVerde

Shonn Greene: War Machine-By me

Awesomeness-By me

Santonio Holmes: Basket Case-By me

OC/DC-By me

Jets Band-By me again

The Jerk-By GangGreen73

The Rexpendables-By GangGreen73

Tenacious D- By GangGreen73

Grown Ups-By me

Step Brothers-By tinley24

Lord of the Rings-By CV

Holmes Alone-By CV

Schotty B. Goode-By me

Titanic-By CV

The one that got it started-By CV

So if you bothered to look at any of them, you'd realize some of us have put a lot of work into these. So if you are wondering "how do i do that?", i'll try and help you out:

Step 1: Open up MS paint. it's just the thing called "paint" on your browser. This is extremely difficult, so crying will not be looked down upon. Many people have died trying to open up MS Paint, so be brave.

Step 2: After you have opened up the paint (if any of you are still left), pick a picture, say a random picture of a farmer:

Look at that happy guy. You can stare at him for a while, but there really isn't a point.

Step 3: Pick a head or object that you would like to insert in the picture, say:

I suggest opening another paint, but i'm sure it can be done another way.

Step 4: Now, go to the rex picture. click on the "crop" button above. You might see a square both made out of dotted lines. Click on the select button right under it. Go to "free-form selection". this will allow you to draw around the head. Also, click on "transparent selection", it's the last one in the "select". It will make sure only the head will fllow you to the next picture.

Step 5: crop it. good luck drawing. it should look like this:

Step 6: Copy it, and paste it to the farmer. before you copy it, be sure to click "transparent selection" in the farmer paint. if you don't, you're going to get some white stuff surrounding the head.

Step 7: Now that you got the head, re-size it, flip it, do what ever it takes to make it look good. you could add letters or draw on it, as you see on the top. mine looked like this:

Step 8: So how are you going to get this on GGN? open up a account on one of those photo uploading sites, like Save the picture, and upload it on photobucket. Then copy the pictures url (click on the properties on the picture itself, not the url up top).

Step 9: write an inscription, if you want.

Step 10: hope it gets rec'd

You can find the fanshots on the top of the home page, right next to fanposts, or look on the fanposts side of the page and scroll down. You will find them there.

I you guys want this to stay up, rec'ing is suggested. I'm going to sleep now, hope this isn't ignored.

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