Why Brett Favre is making me root for the Pats

Before I say this, I am about as big of a jets fan as most of you here. I watched a large portion of all 16 jets games this year (if not every minute of them), go on this blog a lot, and i know my football stuff.

As much as I hate to say it, I am rooting for Tom Brady to bring home his fourth ring this year. This is blasphemy to a normal jets fan, but look deeper.

In this hell that is a Giants-Pats super bowl, I tried to find some way that i can find some possible positive light for the jets by having one team win over the other. Then something hit me.

Brett Favre won a Super Bowl. He still decided to be a drama queen and constantly decide whether or not to hang it up and keep all the football worlds eyes on him because he didnt want to retire. You could say that he chose to stay in the NFL because he loved the game, or because he wanted to extend his streak so it would become even more unbreakable.

In my opinion though, he constantly came back simply because he felt one ring was not enough for him. He wanted more, and he wanted to leave on a high note. Also, he won that sole ring in 1996, twelve years before he decided to hang it up for the first time. The rings luster was gone for him, and he wanted to renew that feeling of victory.

Tom Brady hasnt won a ring in 8 years. And with the way hes been playing, as much as i hate to say it, he certainly deserves another one. Even most jets fans would admit that hes among the top 3 qbs in the league today, and the other two just won their rings in the past two years.

What I want, and what all jets fans should want, is Tom Brady out of the NFL as soon as possible, and hopefully having belichick follow. If he wins this Super bowl, maybe hell be satisfied enough to retire in 2 or 3 years, buy a mansion on some pacific island and live in bliss with gisele. Maybe it wont have any impact. One thing I can say for sure is that if the pats lose, hes gonna be pissed. And maybe that anger will cause him to stay in the NFL until he gets that ring, and we cant say for sure that hell get this close again.

I always root for the jets no matter what. I hate the patriots, and Im not trying to say we should try to let the pats win as many SBs as they can until Brady retires. But it is impossible for the jets to win this super bowl. So we might as well let the pats win and hope that what Im saying could possibly happen occurs.

If you think this is too far out there, or just flat out stupid, thats fine. But I really cant think of a way that the giants winning helps out the jets at all.

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