An outsider's view on Rex Ryan

Hello folks! I've seen quite a bit of discussion on here about Rex Ryan and the hand he had in the numerous locker room issues. I don't follow the Jets closely enough to be able to comment or judge in a factual way where things went wrong there.

I have also seen a lot of discussion on whether or not Rex's proclivity towards "speaking his mind" in the media has any bearing on whether or not opponents have more incentive or are any more motivated in games versus the Jets. Since I am a fan of another team, I just wanted to offer my viewpoint. There's nothing more in this than my thoughts and observations so take it for what it's worth.

Historically, the Broncos and Jets never really have been big rivals. Going back through history, our two teams have met in the regular season 33 times, with the Broncos holding a very narrow edge with a 17-15-1 record in those games. In the playoffs, our two teams faced off only once, that being the 1999 AFC Championship in which the Broncos came back from a 10-0 deficit to win 23-10. That was an ugly game with both teams missing on crucial scoring opportunities and both teams turning the ball over multiple times.

As a fan born in 1984, my memories to hold onto between these two franchises are Elway's last victory at home (1999 AFC Championship), a lot of nothing before or in-between, Jay Cutler outdueling a hurt Brett Favre in 2007?, a Mark Sanchez pass that resulted in crucial pass interference penalty and subsequent Jets' score and victory, and Tebow's 95-yard drive to win the game this season. So basically in my memory I have four games worth of "rivalry" built into me. So believe me when I tell you, I really don't have anything negative in my mind about the Jets as an organization or bad memories/feelings.

Last year I was excited about the game because I viewed the Jets as a genuine measuring stick. You guys had just come off of two AFC Championship games appearances and have always played the Broncos very tough. We were also coming off of a terrible 4-12 season, a 1-4 start, a QB change and had won 2/3 games. The Jets game for us represented an opportunity to have a 3 game winning streak, which believe me folks, coming off of a 4-12 season feels almost like making the playoffs haha! In the lead up to the game, Rex himself had nothing but complimentary things to say about both the Broncos and our starting QB Tim Tebow. But to be honest, by this time, compliments didn't matter.

As a fan, it seemed like everyweek I could count on hearing something from Rex Ryan. It didn't even matter what he was talking about, he was always talking. I never really encountered a head coach such as this and in one respect, good for him for staying true to his personality. In another respect though, the talking gets stale and old and eventually starts to rub you the wrong way. And if it rubs me, a lowly fan of a non-rival team, the wrong way, you can guarantee that feeling is even more amplified in the hearts of opposing players.

I read Sanchise's latest post about the Giants tweet towards the Jets---not trying to fuck you off Sanchise;) And while I completely agree that it was unnecessary for them to say something like that, I also understand that's what happens when your coach talks the way he does. Again I'm not here to stir the pot or take sides in a seemingly bitter civil football war, but looking back during the season, it was absolutely shocking to see Brandon Jacobs exchange words with Rex Ryan and afterwards call him a "disrespectful bastard". You never see players call out opposing coaches like this, at least not publically, but Jacobs did and I can see why he did.

For those who have commented here that have laid the argument that Ryan's talk doesn't add any more incentive for other teams, or that these are professionals and talk doesn't matter, you are wrong. His words do matter and for the greater part of this last year, Rex Ryan's mouth wrote checks his team was incapable of cashing. You have to remember that for most players, their success is rooted and cultivated from a very strong ego and will that does not like to be disrespected in any way, and certainly not from an opposing head coach.

I don't think Rex Ryan is a bad coach. In fact he's had the most success off all coaches hired in his class. I should know we got stuck with Josh McDaniels. Spags, Morris, every other highly touted hire from that year no longer has a HC job. In three years he's managed to take his team to the playoffs twice with two AFC Championship Game appearances. He's also managed to install and oversee a dominating defense that has for the most part been able to neutralize a great QB like Tom Brady in the most crucial games. I think he will learn and move on from this season as a better, more knowledgeable coach. The key for him going forward is to learn how to motivate his team by means other than shooting his mouth off in public, because that has backfired and whether it should or not, HAS motivated other teams and players.

This is the NFL, it is hard enough to come away with victories on any given Sunday without a big bullseye on your chest.

I hope that Rex is sincere about doing things differently. Thanks for reading GGN, looking forward to more discussions!

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