What is really necessary?

I know that there are more things going on behind the scenes that none of us as fans will really ever know about or even come close ot understanding for that matter. However, the Jets struggles this year were made very apparent. The locker room issues would never have taken place if we had a good season, and we would have had a good season if our offense could have produced in a consistent manner and if our defense could have stopped somebody for a change. Look at the 2 previous years when we went to the AFC championship games and we were a very united team and everyone took responsibility for their problems and mistakes and everyone trusted the other guys on the team to do their jobs. Winning = Unity, Unity = Trust, and Trust = Better Performance from each individual athlete. The same formula can run backwards and forwards and it will all come out with the same result. Which is that there can not be victory or success with out trust and unity between team memebers. I know that sounds very high school but I have seen that work for every team that I have ever been a part of and I challenge anyone to tell me that it is wrong nd prove to me why.

Exmaple: when receivers trust their quarterback, they run the routes as hard as they can, as perectly as they can bc they expect the quarterback to put the ball in the correct location for them to catch it. And if the QB trusts his receivers to be in the location that they are supposed to be in, then he will do everything in his power to put the ball where it is catchable.

If the QB trusts his line to protect him, then he will make their job easier by getting rid of the ball faster. And if the line trust their quarterback to put forth all of his effort to win the game, then they will do everything that they can ot protect him bc they know that he needs to have success throwing the ball to move them down the field.

Running backs need to trust the line to open up the running lanes, and the line needs to trust their running backs to hit the holes they provide to move them down the field as well.

Offense needs to trust the defense to keep opponents points off the board and the defense needs to trust the offense to put up the points in a strategical manner to give them the rest when they need it so that they can continue to perform at a high level and stop the opposing offenses and stuff the runs, and sack the QB and make plays on the ball and keep deep plays from taking place.

Football, just as every other team sport, requires a mutual trust and respect between players and coahces in order to be successful.

With that being said, what were the problems with the Jets this year? Answer: There were a lot of guys on the squad that were playing, but they did not trust one another to do their job bc there were so many people failing at their doing their jobs. We need a nose tackle, someone ot put pressure on the quarterback. we have 2 pretty decent DE's and with the off season, I believe, that they will grow alot, but we need someone in themiddle to plug up holes and stuff the run and get into the back field up in the quarterbacks face. We also need some linebackers that will come up and play the line, but that can also drop back into coverage. we have a couple good linebackers, but we need someone GREAT running the defense like a Ray Lewis or Brian Urlacher figure. We need safeties that can keep the deep ball from happening and personally, I think we have 2 of the best corners in thegame with Revis and Cromartie. Defense needs some work. There were so many missed plays this past season that it would have made it difficult on any defense to trust the guys in front of them or behind them to do their jobs due to inconsistent performance. We need to find the answer to the defense in consistently good players and in players who are willing to play unselfish football and step up and be a top defense in the league and make the stops when it matters.

Offense has its struggles as well. We do have untapped talent in Sanchez and I think that having a competitor for the starting position will drive him to step up his game and perform at the level that we have all expected him to, and at the level that he did in the first 2 seasons where we got to the AFC title game. He was not performing at a hall of fame level then either, but he was stepping up and winning games when it counted and when he had to. Trust in Sanchez. We have an awesome receiver in Holmes, but clearly that trust needs ot be rebuilt and Holms needs to lose the attitude and play at a consisten level all season. Perfect example of this is Larry Fitzgerald in AZ. Ever since Kurt Warner retired, Larry has had no one to throw to him. His stats are at an all time low even yet he remains to be one of the best receivers in the game. why is this? because he is a work horse and he does his job 100% of the time with 110% effort. People recognize this and he is always a fan favorite in AZ even though he has a far worse quarterback than Sanchez to throw to him. However, he trusts his team and knows that his team trusts him and for that reason he does his job bc he knows that when it is time for him to make a play, his team needs him to and depends on him to. We need a receiving corps that has this mentality and that trust in Sanchez to get them the ball when it is time for them to make the play. We need an offensive line that can keep the defense out of the backfield and prevent sacks and plays that result in loss of yardage.

These are all problems that we have seen. However, the answer is different than what everyone is suggesting. Everyone is suggesting that we fire people and trade people and get bench people. This might be the answer to a few of our problems, but the REAL answer is to find a group of individuals that have the integrity who will play for the success of their other team mates and of the entire team in general. Even if they are not the most talented INDIVIDUAL to fill the position, if they have the mind set of trusting their team mates and making sure that they perform at a level that will allow their team mates to trust them, then they are the right fit for the job.

By no means am I saying to get an untalented bunch of guys out on the field, what I am saying is that if our current starters are unwilling to change how they play and how they perforom on each play that they are out on the field, then we will need to find a replacement that posseses the talent but also has the right mind set. In order to fix a problem, you need to attack it at the source and avery memeber on the team HAS TO KNOW that no one is safe unless they are willing to change and come together.

Sanchez needs to step up, be the LEADER, and make sure that this happens. Once he can do that and have his team mates respect him for doing it and taking charge, he will no longer be a OK/good quarterback, and he will be on his way to becoming a GREAT quarterback.

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