A Positive Spin on a Negative Day.

On a day where it seems the world (and possibly God) has conspired to hand the Jet fans another heartbreaking moment, its hard to stay positive. So that's what were going to attempt to do, whether we admit it or not. After the jump, attempts at humor, grace, and positivity will be posted.

Why should we be positive right now?

Simple: Over the long term the Jets are going to get better. In a league that is dominated by a few teams and many fail to achieve anything but mediocrity year after year, the Jets have the pieces to continue a prolonged success. No one would call this season a success, unless they need serious help that GGN cannot provide. However, there were positives. Red Zone offense, a new found weapon in Joe Mcknight, and another unworldly year from a man who has an Island named after him are just the few that stick out. Did we have low points, yes, undoubtedly. Long term: it will be ok.

Want stats to back it up?:

Since the merger the Jets have had one period when we went 3 straight years with a .500 record or better. (For the record were currently on season 4 of that streak) That was from 1997 (8-8) until 2002 (8-8). close to 50 years and we've only had this happen once before. Should we be happy? Debatable, but it does offer a glimmer of how spoiled our fanbase has become since Mike T has come and brought on Rex. Personally speaking, I believe that in the NFL we are the team that half the teams would want to be, big market, passionate fans, and 4 straight seasons where playoffs were not just a dream but expected. Take for instance, Detroit where they have not gotten into the playoffs in a decade, or the (S)aints, where a bag over your head was considered routine.

So where does this lead us, as we head to two of the longest weeks of our lives heading up to the Superbowl? On the outside looking in? Yes. Without any hope? No. For the next two weeks, I propose a thought: Find the positives with the Jets and keep that in your mind. Keep the thought of us adding to those next year. As we've seen in the last few years: A wild card can win the Superbowl, a 7-9 team can beat the defending champion, and oh yeah we can make it far into the playoffs. A Jets team making an improbable run deep into the playoffs next year is certainly within our grasp, and is probably expected.

As for the Superbowl, both teams earned it. Both teams got luck, but also took advantage of it to win their games. This is not a dig on those teams, but a look at what we hope we can accomplish next year given a chance. WIll I be watching, yes. It's because I will be hoping it's us there next year, fresh off our mistakes this year, ready to take on challenges.

As for those who think this is the absolute worst, I've found the picture that describes exactly what it feels like right now to most of us.


Once again though short term pain will lead us to savor the long term gain even more. Whenever we do win a Superbowl, it will be that much more awesome knowing we had to go through a time like this.

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